May 2023 release highlights

We're pleased to announce that the May 2023 release of LMS365 is here. Our development team has been hard at work with bringing larger, more extensive features for future releases. With that, this May release consists of enhancements and upgrades to existing capabilities that are sure to streamline administration and prepare you for the more substantial updates coming throughout this year.

The release roll-out is planned to begin on Wednesday, May 17. See this article for information on when the release will be rolled out on release day.


Highlights of this release


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Audit trail

More events logged by the LMS365 Audit trail feature

This update adds more events to be logged which supports customers that need further documentation of training activities, ensuring the trustworthiness and accuracy of learner transcripts.

For training, the audit trail feature now allows you to log when training content or sessions are created, what changes have happened in the course content and when they occurred, as well as when and how learners are enrolled and unenrolled from training.

You can also see more details on learner activity, for example, when learners start and complete training, how learners interact with course content, when learner records or training are purged, and when skills are granted to or removed from learners.

Administrators can also log when a course catalog is created, updated, or deleted, and when users are invited to and removed from a course catalog. Additionally, other activities that are now logged with audit trail are when external training records are imported and when API keys are generated, updated, and revoked.

All these and many more activities are now available to log in this updated Audit trail feature.

Force retake

One action to make multiple learners retake a course or training plan

There are scenarios when administrators need to make learners retake a course they have already taken. Like, for example, with compliance training where content might have been updated and learners need to complete the course again to be up to date with the guidelines.

Formerly, using the Force retake feature was available on an individual basis, but with this new update, administrators can select multiple users in the progress panel and choose Force retake to make all selected learners retake the course or training plan with one single action.


bulk force retake capability


This new capability is made even more efficient with the advent of new filters in the Course progress panel. Let’s explore those a bit more…


The Course progress panel

New filters for the Course progress panel

We wanted to make working in the Course Progress panel even more streamlined, which is why we have added new filtering options in this area. Administrators can now easily narrow down the list of learners in the Course progress panel, for example, to get a list of the people they want to retake a certain training, like mentioned in the previous update.


filters in course progress panel


These filters enable administrators to quickly retrieve a list of learners based on their training status, when the training was completed, and if the learner was issued a certificate after completing the training.

In this way, the administrator can, for example, identify the learners that completed a course before a specific date and prompt them to take the training again using the new bulk Force retake capability.

Don’t you just love when features go hand in hand?


Microsoft Viva Learning integration

You can now see the percentage of LMS365 course completion in Viva Learning 

We're continuously taking the LMS365 and Microsoft Viva Learning integration further and further. Using the Course Activity Sync employee learning API in Microsoft Graph, it's now possible to sync LMS365 course enrollment and activity with Viva Learning.

But what’s new? Well, from this release, LMS365 sends a learner’s training progress percentage to Viva Learning. Once Microsoft implements this change, learners will be able to see the exact percentage of LMS365 courses they've completed.

With this added transparency, it's easier for learners to get a clear view of their progress with LMS365 courses from Viva Learning.


That wraps up our LMS365 May 2023 release. We hope you enjoy these new enhancements, and we’ll see you in the next release!


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