June 2023 release highlights

We're pleased to announce that the June 2023 release of LMS365 is here to introduce new features that the development team has nurtured to fruition.


Highlights of this release


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Copy training

Duplicate training to create new courses and training plans in a flash

Often, admins create courses and training plans with similar settings. Being able to create new training quickly while ensuring the settings are similar to another course will save time for course catalog admins who often manage a large number of courses.

With this release, admins can now create a duplicate of a course or training plan in a simple move by copying it.

A common scenario where this would be beneficial is where training admins create a best-practice course and training plan that can be leveraged as templates, ready to be copied by admins to quickly create courses that are aligned with the organization's standards. Also, the ability to copy training enables admins to quickly launch courses that are similar to other training but might vary slightly in terms of content.

Training is copied from the Course management panel, where the admin selects Create course copy for courses and Create training plan copy for training plans.    

Each action will open the training configuration panel, which will be preconfigured with the content and settings of the original training, in order for the admin to adjust and configure any further settings before saving and publishing the training.


copy training


Until the admin gives the training a new name, the name of the course or training plan will indicate that it's a copy of the original course or training plan.

Also, the training ID, enrolled learners, and the fixed due date will need to be configured individually for the new training. The start and end date, the instructor, and the link to the Teams meeting won't be copied from the original course to course sessions in the new course. By default, the course admin of the new training will be the user who copied the course or training plan.



Courses and training plans can be copied only to the same course catalog as the originals. It's not possible to copy them to another course catalog.


The new capability of copying training is introduced with in-product guidance for admins. The guidance takes the form of speech bubbles that will help admins understand the new functionality when they enter the LMS365 Admin Center over the next four weeks after the release.


Favorite training

Learners can now bookmark training and create a personalized view

Learners now have an option to mark courses and training plans as favorites. This enables learners to create their own overview of courses in My Training Dashboard, by saving courses and training plans they find interesting so they can find them quickly later, thereby creating a personalized training experience. 

Learners can mark training as favorite from the course catalog page, the Training tab of My Training Dashboard, training pages, and from the course player.

Selecting Show my favorites from the Training tab of My Training Dashboard, each learner can get an overview of all training they have marked as favorite. From this overview, they can enroll in and start the training.  


favorite training


From the Training Management page of the LMS365 Admin Center, admins can see the number of users who have marked a course or training plan as favorite and sort the list of training accordingly. This provides admins insights into the courses and training plans that learners find interesting.


Admin view of favorites


Audit trail

You can now download logs related to specific events

This release brings filters to the Audit trail feature that enable the download of logs related to specific events, as well as a new UI for displaying audit records in the LMS365 product. 

Now, you can narrow down the logs you want to extract based on:

  • Date and time of the activity, down to the second,
  • Activity type,
  • User,
  • Training name,
  • Course catalog.

This functionality is particularly useful, for example, for compliance purposes, and for documenting user activity and completion of specific training.

With the updated UI, you have the ability to view the derived logs and access detailed activity information directly in the product UI. This enables you to access audit data without being dependent on external applications.


Audit trail filters


Training plans

The duration of training plans is now set automatically

Admins can now set the duration of training plans more easily. With this release, the Duration (standard format) field for training plans will be automatically populated based on the accumulated duration of the included courses. Admins have the flexibility to manually adjust the set duration, if needed.

This enhancement ensures training plan duration can be applied accurately and helps set clear expectations for learners about the time needed to complete the training plan.


training plan duration


Find full details of the LMS365 June 2023 release in the release notes.

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