How to get a quiz ID via API


You may need to retrieve information about a specific quiz using the LMS365 (Learn365) API, such as when you're looking at a learner's quiz answers in the QuizAttempts section. To do this, you'll need the unique quiz ID.

This article describes how to get a quiz ID using the LMS365 (Learn365) API.


To get a quiz ID using the LMS365 (Learn365) API, follow these steps:

To be able to use the LMS365 (Learn365) API, you should be authorized with the relevant API key on https:/

1. In https:/, navigate to the Quizzes section, expand it, find GET ​/odata​/v2​/Quizzes (this returns a list of all quizzes on the tenant), and select Try it out in the top right-hand corner.




This opens the Parameters section, which includes the query parameters fields that can be completed if you want to narrow down the response data.



In the $filter field, enter Title eq 'quiz title', as shown in the following image. As a result, the response will show results for this quiz only. The information returned will include the quiz ID.



2. Select Execute to run the request.

3. Go to the Responses block to check the results:

  • Number 2xx (for example, 200) under Code shows that the request worked correctly.
  • You can Download the data from the response to your computer in .JSON format.
  • If no query parameters were set in the Parameters block to narrow the response, in the Response body field you can see all the quizzes on the tenant and their data, including their IDs. Search via Ctrl+F for a specific quiz ID or title and copy it to use wherever you want.
  • If your request contained specific filtering parameters as described previously, the response will contain this data for this specific quiz, including its ID.




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