Explanation of the Questions string in the Quizzes section


The Quizzes section of the LMS365 (Learn365) API enables you to retrieve and download data about quizzes on the tenant.

Retrieved data is stated in .JSON format, the explanation of which can be found in the Quiz Questions section of the API documentation page and in this article.  

In this article, we'll show you how to read the Questions string in the Response body of GET requests made in the Quizzes section of the LMS365 (Learn365) API.


The Questions string explanation

The Questions string in the Response body contains both general and specific information about quiz questions.

General information

  • The question type is identified with a number, the definition of which can be found in the Quiz Questions > QuestionType section of the API documentation page.  



  • The question ID for each question is found in Id. This property usually follows the QuestionType or RandomizeAnswers properties, as shown in the following image.



  • Title contains the title of the question. This property follows the question ID.



  • The Description parameter contains the question text.



  • The RandomizeAnswers property displays true or false. This property relates to the Randomize answer options in a quiz question, which can be set On or Off respectively.



  • Points displays the number of points a learner receives for if they provide the correct answer to this question, if the Points awarded field has been completed for the question. If the number of points isn't specified, you'll see \"Points\":0.



  • PointsPercentage specifies the points percentage the learner will receive for an answer given to a ShortAnswer question type.



  • PositiveFeedback, NegativeFeedback, and SemiPositiveFeedback display the text of the feedback provided to a learner for correct, incorrect, and partially correct answers to a question (if the feedback text is specified in the question settings). When no feedback text is specified, you'll see ":null".



  • Tags contain the question tags, if they're specified for this question. 



Answers and their IDs

Answers and correct answers with their IDs are presented according to the question type:

  • The Free text answer question type doesn't contain any answer. 
  • The correct answer to a True or false question type is displayed as true or false in the RightAnswer parameter, and doesn't contain the correct answer ID.



  • For the Multiple choice question type, the Answers parameter contains each answer with its Id and displays the answer text. The RightAnswerId contains the correct answer ID for this question.



  • For the Multiple answers question type, the Answers parameter contains each answer with its ID and displays the answer text. The RightAnswerIds contains the correct answer IDs for this question.



  • For the Ordering question type, the Answers parameter reflects the answers and their IDs in the correct order.



  • The answer to a Hot spot question is found in the ImageUrl property, which contains the URL of the question image, and the Position X and Y data of the correct answer spot on the image. 



  • The Answers property of the Short answer question type contains the answer ID and the answer text, followed by the IsRegExp property for all available answers.



  • For the Gap fill question type:
    • The Text parameter contains the answer text with gaps, followed by the Gaps parameter with all possible options in each gap.



    •  The CorrectResponse displays the correct answer for each gap in the question.




  • For the Matching question type, the Answers parameter contains correct matches with the IDs and text. Each matching pair within its square brackets and separated by a comma.



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