August 2023 release highlights

The LMS365 team is thrilled to present the highlights of the August 2023 release of our learning platform. We have some exciting new updates that are sure to enhance your LMS365 environment.


Highlights of this release



LinkedIn Learning integration

Integrate LMS365 with LinkedIn Learning for seamless access to a wide range of courses within LMS365

LinkedIn Learning delivers high-quality, up-to-date, content that’s personalized to learner and career goals & organizations’ objectives.

We’re excited to announce that with our August 2023 release, LMS365 will include a native integration to LinkedIn Learning.

The integration will provide shared business users with access to LinkedIn Learning’s course catalog of over 20,000 courses all within LMS365.


Integrate LinkedIn Learning courses


The integration is established by setting up the connection to LinkedIn Learning via your global LMS365 settings.

You can read more about the LinkedIn Learning integration in this article.

Find documentation on how to set up the integration here.



The integration between LMS365 and LinkedIn Learning is available for customers with an LMS365 Professional or Select subscription. It isn't available to customers with an LMS365 Standard subscription.

Your organization will need a LinkedIn Learning Enterprise license to be able to integrate LMS365 with LinkedIn Learning. This license can be for English language only or all languages.


Instructor-led training

#1 You can now control whether learners are allowed to change session registrations

In previous versions of LMS365, all learners could change their selection of sessions they are registered for. This means that if they are enrolled in a course with more sessions, they can cancel registration for a session and register for another session, for example, to take the session on a different day.

As an admin you might want to control whether learners can modify their session selection after enrollment, for example, if changing session is not allowed according to your company policies. Therefore, with this release, we have introduced a new option: "Allow learners to change session registrations.”


allow learners to change session registration


It will be enabled by default, as this is the current setting. If disabled, learners won’t be able to change their registration in sessions of the course after enrollment. This will allow for more flexibility and control with how admins setup their instructor-led training.


#2 Control who will receive the “Instructor-led training scheduled - appointment invitation” notification 

For some customer scenarios, course admins only create courses and don’t interact further with the instructor-led training sessions.

To reduce the number of unrelated email notifications they receive, it's now possible to remove the course admin from the list of recipients of the “Instructor-led training scheduled - appointment invitation” notification template.


notification template


Available languages

Now, LMS365 also speaks Estonian, Finnish, and Latvian

We're happy to announce that Estonian, Finnish, and Latvian are now added to the list of available languages in LMS365.

This enables admins and learners to experience the LMS365 user interfaces in Estonian, Finnish, and Latvian, both from their desktop and mobile phones.


API improvements

New endpoints to retrieve lists on role assignments

The current release will introduce two new endpoints that will enable customers to retrieve lists on role assignments: /odata/v2/RoleAssignments and /odata/v2/ RoleAssignments({Id}).

This, for example, will make it possible for admins to identify Microsoft Entra ID and Microsoft 365 groups that has been enrolled in a course, giving more visibility to role assignments.


We hope you're excited about the new improvements available with this release. Find full details of the LMS365 August 2023 release in the release notes.


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