Integrate LMS365 with LinkedIn Learning for seamless access to a wide range of courses within LMS365


LinkedIn Learning delivers high-quality, up-to-date, content that’s personalized to learner and career goals & organizations’ objectives.

LMS365 includes a native integration with LinkedIn Learning.

The integration will provide shared business users with access to LinkedIn Learning’s course catalog of over 20,000 courses all within LMS365.


Integration to LinkedIn Learning


How do you set up the integration?

The integration is established by setting up the connection to LinkedIn Learning via customers’ global LMS365 settings.


Create connection with LinkedIn Learning


After the connection is made, customers can import courses from LinkedIn Learning into LMS365 and, with only a few clicks, make these courses available to learners from their LMS365 course catalog.


import LinkedIn Learning courses


Admins can filter on Subjects & Topic, Skills, and Levels and search by keyword to retrieve a list of relevant courses to import.


Filter LinkedIn Learning courses


If your subscription of LinkedIn Learning includes courses in languages other than English, you can retrieve a list of those courses in the appropriate language.


Filter LinkedIn Learning courses on language


Once imported, courses from LinkedIn Learning are a part of the LMS365 framework. Admins can track and report on learning progress, customize the course settings, add audience targeting and enrollment flows, create learning paths, provide certificates, and more.


Customize course settings


Learners will be able to easily search and discover courses within the LMS365 platform, providing them with the necessary knowledge to excel at work within your organization's tailored learning environment.


discover courses



The integration between LMS365 and LinkedIn Learning is available for customers with an LMS365 Professional or Select subscription. It isn't available to customers with an LMS365 Standard subscription.

Your organization will need a LinkedIn Learning Enterprise license to be able to integrate LMS365 with LinkedIn Learning. This license can be for English language only or all languages.


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