September 2023 release highlights

Our team is pleased to present you with highlights of the September 2023 release of the LMS365 platform.


Highlights of this release:



Learning modules

It's now easier to add files from SharePoint folders

When admins create learning modules, they can now add files that are available to them in SharePoint as content directly from the location the file lives in.

Previously, files added as content to learning modules would need to be added to a dedicated folder that was attached to a specific course. Now, all available SharePoint files will be accessible to the admin, and they will have options to search, filter, and sort to find the relevant file.


Add files from SharePoint


This update will enable admins to use files from existing libraries in SharePoint, so they spend less time preparing courses, and also avoid loading duplicate files.

Additionally, this supports the use of Microsoft Modern Stream by allowing admins to discover and use Stream videos from across the organization in courses.



The option will be released in preview, meaning that after the release of the LMS365 September 2023 release, you'll have to enable it under New features in the Global settings of the LMS365 Admin Center in order to try the feature out.


option in preview


Content editor

Introducing new content editor!

We're thrilled to announce the implementation of a new content editor across the LMS365 product. This powerful tool empowers administrators to effortlessly create captivating content for course pages, certificates, notifications, and more. With its intuitive interface and enhanced styling options, crafting engaging content will be easier than ever before.

In this release, we're introducing the editor to the notification templates and the "email learners" template. In future updates, we'll expand the editor's reach to other areas of the product, providing you with even more opportunities to customize and brand the learner experience.


new content editor


Viva Learning integration

You can now feature courses from the same LMS365 installation under different provider names and logos

As part of the ongoing improvements to our Microsoft Viva Learning integration, we now offer the option of having multiple providers for a single tenant connection. This means that users will be able to have one installation of LMS365 but display courses under multiple providers in Viva Learning.

For example, if a customer has several course catalogs in various languages, they can choose to show courses from the different language catalogs with unique provider names and logos in Viva Learning.

Let’s say one course catalog is set to the English language, and another is set to French. The courses from the French course catalog will be shown in Viva under a French name and with a logo from the French course catalog, while the English course catalog will be shown with the English provider names and logos.

Learners will only see courses from the French course catalog if they select this provider in Viva Learning.

Also, you can choose to only show courses from some course catalogs in Viva Learning.

You configure each provider separately in the “Integration connector settings” in the “Global settings” of LMS365. Several course catalogs can be part of the same provider name and logo.


multiple providers


This update will make it easier to separate course content and control how courses are featured in Viva Learning.



You can now continue sending reminders after events have passed 

We understand the importance of helping learners complete training in due time and ensuring validity of certificate expirations and skills. 

With this release, we've introduced the option of setting up notifications to continue sending reminders to learners and managers after training has become overdue, certificates have expired, or skills have been revoked.

For example, you can now configure the system to send certificate expired notifications 7, 14, and 21 days, or with any interval you prefer, after the certificate has expired. 


set up reminders


Audit trail

You now have more options to see details of logged events

With this release, we'll introduce a selection of updates to the Audit trail feature that will allow you to see more details of logged events.

Among others, you can now use filters to get an overview of events that were initiated by API keys, see which Microsoft Entra or Microsoft 365 group a learner was part of to be enrolled in or unenrolled from a course or training plan, and understand if a course or course catalog, that you select to filter events, has been deleted.


filter audit logs


Available languages

Now, LMS365 also supports Hungarian

We're happy to announce that Hungarian is now added to the list of available languages in LMS365.

This enables admins and learners to experience the LMS365 user interfaces in Hungarian, both from their desktop and mobile phones.


We hope you're excited about the new improvements available with this release. Find full details of the LMS365 September 2023 release in the release notes.

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