Introducing AI-powered course discovery

Following our announcement of empowering the LMS365 platform with generative AI, we’re excited to introduce the first AI-powered features to LMS365 customers.

With generative AI now available in the LMS365 chatbot in Teams, learners are able to have a conversation with our chatbot to find courses that can help them achieve the skills and knowledge they’re looking to enhance.

There’s no need-to-know specific prompts or employ predefined phrases. Just ask in human language and the chatbot will understand and provide a personalized response.


human language chatbot


Discover courses in a helpful conversation with the chatbot

The first set of released features will be focused on course discovery.

Ask the chatbot to search for a course within a topic and it will help you find relevant training in the course catalog of your request.

Need more details with a response? Or would you like the chatbot to refine the search based on the same request? Just ask and the chatbot will respond as a continuation of the conversation.

With this release, the chatbot will find training based on the training type as well as the words in the training title, description, categories, and tags. Plus, it will only show training the learner has permissions to access and aren’t already enrolled in.


Discover courses


Additionally, with this release, learners can conduct a personal search by asking the chatbot to find training based on their personal learning progress.

This will enable learners to retrieve training based on their progress with the material and to get a clear overview of any training that's overdue.


See your progress


As always, security and data privacy are at the heart of our solutions, and we’ll be releasing the AI powered features with the uttermost respect for the data privacy of our customers.

To get more information on the methods employed by LMS365 to manage data, ensure privacy, and maintain security in the context of AI-powered features, see this article.


How to enable the AI-powered features

The features will be available to all customers from September 29.

However, they will be released in preview. This means you'll have to enable them under “New features” in the Global settings of the LMS365 Admin Center to try the features out.


Find all details of the new AI-powered chatbot in the user guide.



During this initial phase, where the AI-powered chatbot is released in preview, LMS365 reserves the right to discontinue this service for any reason. At present, LMS365 is offering all its customers complimentary early access to its AI features.

The future business model will be determined based on the insights and feedback gathered.


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