October 2023 release highlights

Our team is pleased to present you with highlights of the October 2023 release of the LMS365 platform.


Highlights of this release:


Instructor-led training

You can now make course admins and session instructors co-organizers of sessions scheduled in Teams

Today, the Microsoft account used to send LMS365 notifications and book rooms and Teams meetings from your LMS365 solution, is the sole organizer of meetings scheduled in Teams. This leaves course admins and instructors without the ability to manage crucial meeting aspects.

We've listened to your needs and are thrilled to announce a game-changing feature. With this release, we'll introduce the option to designate course admins and instructors as co-organizers of Teams meetings. As co-organizers they will be able to manage Teams meetings, including, controlling meeting options, skipping the lobby, concluding the meeting for all participants, and even creating breakout rooms. 

Enabling this feature is a breeze—just toggle Assign course admins and instructors as co-organizers in the session create/edit panel.




Copy courses

Copy courses across course catalogs

Have you ever wished you could effortlessly duplicate a course from one catalog to another? With this release, we're introducing this option. Enabling you to copy courses from one course catalog in your tenant to others in a single move. 

In the training management section, you can now select one or multiple courses. This will bring forward the option named Copy course across catalogs. Select it, choose the destination catalog for your copied courses, and the selected courses will be duplicated to these course catalogs.


cope courses



You can copy courses only to a catalog of which you're the admin, ensuring you have the control you need. Additionally, training plans can't be copied across course catalogs.

The feature is available for customers with an LMS365 Professional and Select subscription. It isn't available to customers with an LMS365 Standard subscription.


Learning modules

We've improved the interface for creating and managing learning modules

We're excited to introduce a revamped interface for creating and managing learning modules.

Why the change? Well, it's all about making your life easier. We've streamlined the process, making it even more intuitive for admins to design learning modules, add content, and organize it seamlessly.

But that's not all. We've also thrown in the new content editor for the learning module description, allowing you to present your learning modules in the style you want.


learning module long replaced.gif


Here's what's coming your way:

  • Access to all content types right from the left-navigation panel.
  • The title and description are front and center, making them easy to complete.
  • Say hello to our new improved content editor for the learning module description. You have the freedom to format and optimize text in any style you desire.
  • Enhanced icons and labels for different content types, including tooltips.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for all items.

In a nutshell, these updates are all about empowering you to create outstanding learning modules effortlessly.


Content editor

The new content editor is rolled out to more areas of the product 

With the September 2023 release, we introduced a powerful text editor giving you the freedom to style and format your content using a wide array of options. 


content editor


With this release, we're rolling out the content editor to more areas of the product enabling you to:

  • Elevate the learner experience with extended branding options in the course and training plan long description.
  • Add flair to your learning module description by enhancing the presentation of your learning module.
  • Create engaging learning with the learning module content editor. 

This update is all about putting the creative power in your hands and allowing you to customize your learning environment as you wish.


Force retake

We've introduced a new option to set automatic force retake

Sometimes learners need to retake training. This can, for example, be in a situation where a certificate is expired, and the learner needs to retake a course or training plan in order to renew the certificate. 

To enable the admin to automate this process, we've introduced a new option that will automatically trigger a forced retake.

The new option is placed under course and training plan Settings. When enabled, it automatically forces retake of the course or training plan, either after a specific number of days upon training completion or at a fixed date.


force retake


If the Certificate expiry option is enabled, there will be further options to automatically trigger a force retake after a specific number of days before the training certificate expires, or once the certificate expires.

The new option, additionally, introduced a new notification that will notify learners when they need to take a course or training plan again due to forced retake.


retake notifications


This update will help learners with even better awareness about the training they are required to take.



You can now choose what notifications are being sent for each course and training plan

The LMS365 product includes a range of notifications that are automatically sent to users with important learning events. Until now, the set of notifications, sent for each type of training, has been defined on a course catalog level.


customize notification set


From this release, you can control which notifications that will be sent from each course and training plan, individually.

In this way, you can make sure that the notifications people receive are relevant for the specific course or training plan it relates to.


Available languages

Now, LMS365 also speaks Irish Gaelic

We're happy to announce that Irish Gaelic is now added to the list of available languages in LMS365.

This enables admins and learners to experience the LMS365 user interfaces in Irish Gaelic, both from their desktop and mobile phones.


API improvements

We've introduced API calls for notifications

With this release, we're launching a series of new API calls that make it possible to manage and apply customizations to notifications via public API.


Find full details of the LMS365 October 2023 release in the release notes.

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