December 2023 release highlights

Our team is pleased to present you with highlights of the December 2023 release of the LMS365 platform.


Highlights of this release



AI-powered learning tools 

You can now create quizzes in moments with the power of LMS365 and Generative AI 

This feature release gives the admin the gift of time and energy saved! Create more empowering content for your learners than ever before by letting LMS365 do some work for you.


LMS365 lauches AI-powered Quiz Creation


Instead of manually generating test content, you can now input a topic to prompt the AI to generate common questions related to it. Alternatively, you can insert text into the quiz editor for automatic question generation based on the provided content.

Admins can pre-determine the quiz layout such as selecting any variety of multiple choice, multiple answer, true/false, and matching questions. After the questions have been created, they can be edited like any other quiz question in LMS365.



During this initial phase, the AI-powered learning tools are released in preview and each customer will need to activate them in the Global settings of the LMS365 Admin Center.


This image shows how to enable AI-powered features


LMS365 reserves the right to discontinue this service for any reason. At present, LMS365 is offering all customers complimentary early access to its' AI features.

The future business model will be determined based on the insights and feedback gathered.



Are you ready to up-skill with LMS365? We're thrilled to support your endeavors for organizational success through improvements to our Skills framework!

The LMS365 Skills framework is undergoing a series of improvements to increase flexibility and user-friendliness. 

As the first of many features to come, with this release, we're happy to introduce a more engaging learner interface for skills and the option for learners to self-assess by assigning skills to themselves!


#1 Learners will get a brand-new interface to Skills 

Rather than being limited to a text-based list, skills can now be presented in cards with information about the level and validity of the skill and how it was granted. Selecting the card will provide the learner with additional details about the skill. 


replacement card view.gif


The card view has the following filters to enable learners to narrow the view down to particular skills:

  • Skill title
  • Assessed by: to filter which person or training grants the skill.
  • Acquired on: to see skills that were acquired within a certain time frame.
  • Revocation: to see skills that were revoked within a certain time frame.

You can also sort the cards alphabetically. Finally, there's the ability to toggle back to list view from card view. 


#2 Enable learners to assess their own skills

This update to skills brings a new level of independent learning to your platform as individual learners will now be able to assess their own skills.

This is valuable during skills framework implementation. It allows employees to quickly add newly acquired skills, expediting the process. Additionally, it proves useful when employees gain skills outside of the LMS365 system, be it through tasks or courses.


skills adjustment.gif



From My training dashboard, learners can add skills defined by the company to their profile and adjust levels of current skills. 

Line manager approval can be enabled. This will trigger a notification to line managers when a learner adds a skill or changes a level of a skill and prompt them to approve or disregard the request. 


Learners can add skills defined by the company to their profile


The feature needs to be enabled in the in Global Settings of the LMS365 Admin Center where you can also configure whether line manager approval is needed for learners' self-evaluation of skills.


#1 Learners will now be reminded to begin their training

Whether your learner is onboarding, up-skilling, or completing compliance-related courses, we want to help remind them to complete their course content.


Learners will now be reminded to begin their training


With this new update, we've introduced a new notification that will be sent to learners and their line manager when the learner hasn't started a course or training plan. As an admin you can control how many days after the learner has been enrolled, and has not started the training, that the learners will receive the notification.


#2 You can now ensure notifications are only sent to enrolled learners

This update acknowledges the organizational changes that take place like learners taking on new roles or moving departments! With a new role comes new skillsets and differing needs for certifications. 


Ensure notifications are only sent to enrolled learners


Now, admins will have the ability to prevent notifications related to certificate and skill expiration and revocation from being sent to learners who are no longer enrolled in the training and don't need the reminders. 

A new option in the templates of these notifications enables admins to control whether or not the notification in question is sent to learners that have been unenrolled from the training.


Content editor

The new content editor is now extending its powers!

We promised that the new content editor would expand to more parts of the product ... and it has! 

Now, you will find that Content editor also enables you to:

  • Present quiz questions in a compelling way.
  • Create a uniquely branded Mobile app information page.
  • Create captivating descriptions for course catalog landing pages. 


Create captivating descriptions for course catalog landing pages


Find full details of the LMS365 December 2023 release in the release notes.


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