Announcing course creation powered by generative AI

We're excited to leverage the capabilities of generative AI to support course and content creators in doing their work faster.

Recently, we launched AI-powered course discovery which involves the ability for learners to converse with our LMS365 chatbot to get insights on their training progress and find courses that can help them achieve the skills and knowledge they’re looking to enhance.

Now, we're happy to bring AI-powers to learning admins by rolling out the first features of AI-powered course creation!


Create quizzes in moments

This first release of updates for AI-powered course creation enables admins to simply input a topic, add a file, or insert text into the quiz editor for automatic question generation based on the provided content.


New AI-powered feature allows for quick creation of quiz content


Admins can pre-determine the quiz layout such as selecting any variety of multiple choice, multiple answer, true/false, and matching questions. After the questions have been created, they can be edited like any other quiz question in LMS365.

AI-driven question generation will be possible to use to enhance the process of quiz as well as question pool creation.

Quiz questions can be generated in all languages supported by Microsoft.

This update streamlines the responsibilities of course administrators by minimizing manual efforts.

Enabling the transformation of course content into interactive assessments that effectively gauge the learner's comprehension, now, with the course content readily available, creating quizzes becomes a seamless process.


How to enable the AI-powered features

The AI-powered quiz question generation features will be available to all customers from December 11.

However, they will be released in preview. This means you'll have to enable them under New features in the Global settings of the LMS365 Admin Center to try the features out.

The AI features for the LMS365 Admin Center are enabled separately from the AI features for the LMS365 chatbot.


Activate AI-powered learning tools in Global settings



During this initial phase, the AI-powered learning tools are released in preview and each customer will need to activate them in the Global settings of the LMS365 Admin Center.

LMS365 reserves the right to discontinue this service for any reason. At present, LMS365 is offering all customers complimentary early access to its' AI features.

The future business model will be determined based on the insights and feedback gathered.


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