Updates coming to the LMS365 skills framework to further support workforce development

Utilizing skills strategically in tandem with learning represents a crucial stride for organizations aspiring to invest in the upskilling and reskilling of their workforce.

We're excited to announce a series of coming improvements that will support our customers in taking the skills framework of LMS365 to new heights. 

These updates are centered on amplifying flexibility, enhancing user-friendliness, and expanding the avenues for managing and utilizing skills in conjunction with learning. Empowering our customers with these tools not only bolsters strategies for upskilling and reskilling but also addresses skills gaps and fosters career development.


First update introduces self-assessment of skills and new skills UI

Already with the December 2023 release of LMS365, we're rolling out the first update. This will introduce a more engaging learner interface for skills and the option for learners to self-assess by assigning skills to themselves.

This update makes it more intuitive and appealing for learners to get an overview of their current skills and add skills that are missing to complete the image.


New inteface to Skills!


Addressing skills gaps and boosting workforce development

In upcoming releases, we will implement enhancements to connect job roles with a specific set of skills, taking into account factors such as job title, location, or a combination of these criteria.


Connecting skills with roles

The screenshot represents our current vision of the coming updates and isn't a 1:1 representation of what we will publish with future releases. 


This mapping functionality aims to provide organizations with a comprehensive overview of the necessary skills for productivity, allowing them to identify and address any existing skills gaps.

Specifically, it will pinpoint the skills required, encouraging organizations to guide their employees in acquiring them. This feature ensures that teams gain valuable insights, promoting overall team productivity.

Additionally, learners will benefit from a clearer understanding of the skills essential for optimal job performance and qualification for desired roles.

By aligning their skill development with organizational requirements and leveraging recommended training opportunities and potential new roles, employees can not only enhance their capabilities, but also actively pursue roles they aspire to achieve.


Expanded options when building your organization's skillset and strategic talent discovery

With upcoming updates that facilitate bulk importing of skills and incorporate a pre-defined catalog, the process of building and managing an organizational skillset becomes more streamlined and flexible.

Moreover, the introduction of a feature enabling the identification of individuals based on their attributed skills will simplify the discovery of internal talents for projects.


Connecting people with skills

The screenshot represents our current vision of the coming updates and isn't a 1:1 representation of what we will publish with future releases. 

This capability allows for the strategic leveraging of people's skills, thereby enhancing overall productivity and ensuring the inclusion of the most relevant skills in teams and collaborative projects.

We're excited to share this first update with our customers and look forward to sharing new updates in future releases as the LMS365 Skills framework becomes even more powerful! 



We genuinely value the insights and collaboration of our customers in enhancing LMS365.

If any of the upcoming enhancements to the skills framework resonates with your organization's needs, and you wish to share your requirements with our product management team, kindly complete this form.

It will signify your interest in being contacted by us for this purpose.


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