Get session data via the LMS365 (Learn365) API

LMS365 (Learn365) enables admins to get data on sessions (standalone or within a session group) both via the Learn365 Admin Center functionality and via the LMS365 (Learn365) API.

This article describes the steps how to retrieve the data via API.

To get session data, follow the steps:

To use the LMS365 (Learn365) API, you should be authorized with the relevant API key. For details, see this article.

1. In https:/, navigate to the Courses section and expand it.

2. Select the GET/odata/v2/Courses({id})/CourseSessions({courseSessionId}) endpoint that returns data on a course session or group of sessions by the ID, and select Try it out.

3. The opened Parameters section includes various query options parameters that can be specified to control the data in the response.
Complete the required fields:


4. Select Execute to run the request.

5. In Responses block, check the results.

  • Number 2xx (for example, 200) under Code shows that the request worked correctly.
  • Select Download to save the results of the API request to your device in .JSON format.
  • In the Response body field, the returned data contains the course session details, including its name, start and end dates, time zone, instructors, etc.



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