Human Success launch webinar questions


On Wednesday April 17, 2024, we launched our vision for Human Success to the world via a webinar event.

We've collected all of the great questions you asked at the event and we're delighted to now present the answers in this article.

If you have any further questions, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

If you missed the Human Success launch webinar, you can still watch it here.




About the Human Success platform

Performance goals, training plans, and career paths go hand-in-hand.  Do you see this platform integrating career paths that are based more on job descriptions than personal goals?

We're developing the Human Success platform to support your people to succeed, whatever that looks like to you and them. Each product within the suite offers a flexible framework that can be adapted to your people’s career paths, personal and organization’s goals, and more. Our skills framework is the foundation for this, with lots more exciting features to come.


Is there a roadmap in place to integrate Engage365 and Perform365 with Learn365, moving towards a comprehensive, unified system for managing learning, performance, and engagement?

The integration is currently in development. Now, Learn365 is fully accessible within Perform365, enabling you to review learning progress as part of performance conversations.


About Learn365 (formerly LMS365)

How are you going to maintain focus on improving your base LMS when you're also trying to expand your entire platform?

We’re continuously innovating for each individual product, as well as building cross-product functionality. Our end goal is to offer a single Human Success platform, within which customers can choose the products they want to use.


Can we stick with just LMS365 (Learn365) or whatever it will be named in the future?

You can absolutely buy LMS365 (Learn365) as a stand-alone product. You can also change the name of the Teams app in your organization and change the logo to display to end users in SharePoint. However, your admins will see our new name, Zensai, in the admin interface.


What about the integration of LMS365 with enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O/HR? Is this already possible or is this on the roadmap?

This is already possible via the Learn365 API and our native integration with Microsoft 365. Also, we have integrations with specific ERP solutions planned in our 2024 roadmap.


The LMS is good but needs quite a bit of improvement before we integrate with other tools. Many training/learning related features aren't available, leading us to use external tools while having an LMS. 

Due to our native integration with Microsoft 365, you can create almost any flow or capability you wish for your learning solution using the Microsoft Power Platform. We have off-the-shelf add-on solutions available, as well as consultants who can help you configure the learning solution so it meets the specific needs of your organization. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more support.


What’s going to happen with the Freemium version of LSM365?

The Freemium version will still be available. We're also investing in making this product more delightful as part of our product roadmap.


How do you accommodate practical competencies in an employee's growth journey?

Our assessment capabilities in Learn365 enable you to train and test learners’ practical competencies. The assigned supervisor can assess learners' acquired competencies and choose whether they pass the assessment. If a learner doesn't pass the assessment, this could lead to a further plan for development. For more information about the assessment capabilities in Learn365, see this article.


Can we pick and choose where we want to use AI in Learn365?

Today, you can choose to either enable or disable AI in Learn365. The AI capabilities that we're developing are designed to work in tandem, supporting managers and employees to be both more effective and efficient.


About Engage365 and Perform365 (formerly Weekly10)

Can I still buy Weekly10 (Engage365 and Perform365) without LMS365 (Learn365)?

Yes. You can buy Engage365 (previously Weekly10 Connect) and Perform365 (previously Weekly10 Momentum) as individual products. However, we recommend purchasing all three products together to enable you to benefit from the full Human Success platform.

Read how Phoenix Software is transforming its employee experience with Learn365, Engage365, and Perform365 in this article on our website.


When is the move from the Weekly10 interface to the Engage365/Perform365 planned?

Weekly10 Connect will be renamed within the platform itself in June 2024. Weekly10 Momentum will also be renamed within the platform in June 2024. If you'd like to retain the Weekly10 name within your organization, reach out to your Customer Success Manager, who can arrange this for you.


I had a trial of Weekly10. Is the look and feel similar to, or the same as, the new platform?

We’re looking to make the user experience consistent across all three products, to make it a seamless experience for users. We can’t guarantee that the look and feel will be exactly the same as it is now, but it will be more delightful.


What is the difference between Perform365 and Engage365?

Engage365 is our product for employee engagement and includes the following features:

  • Frequent check-ins
  • Two-way feedback
  • Micro-coaching
  • Employee recognition
  • Engagement insights.

Perform365 is our product for managing employee performance and includes the following features:

  • OKRs and SMART goals
  • 360 feedback
  • 1:1s
  • Performance reviews
  • Talent mapping.

The frequent check-ins from Engage365 help inform performance conversations and goal tracking. In this way, the products work in great synergy, but can also be employed individually.


With Perform365, can I get insights on my managers? Can I see who is not on the journey?

The data available via Engage365 and Perform365 depends on your setup. Typically, HR and admins can see who is engaging and who isn't, including managers. This means both employees and managers can get the support they need to feel engaged and perform to their best.

We use AI and sentiment analysis to provide insights that assist you in understanding your organization's status, predicting employee turnover, mapping future talent needs, forecasting engagement and behaviors, and enhancing team performance.


What is your roadmap for Perform 365? I don't want to be recommending a product to customers that is going to be sunsetted.

Perform365 is not going to be sunsetted. In 2024, Perform365 and Engage365 will be completely integrated with Learn365. Additionally, we'll add more AI capabilities and automation to the product, as well as other requested features.


Do you recommend any particular HRIS to integrate with Perform365?

Different HRIS systems have different advantages so your choice will depend on specific use cases and scenarios that are relevant to your organization. We'll publish our full list of integrations on our website, so keep an eye on this page on our website.


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