Create an account in the Weekly10 Help Center

To create a request to the Weekly10 Support Team, you need to have an account and to be logged in to the Weekly10 Help Center, where our helpdesk system resides.



This account is common for Weekly10 Help Center and the LMS365 Help Center and separate, for example, from the account to log in to the LMS365 Academy.


When you are logged in, you can follow the progress of your submitted cases, and we can ensure the highest level of security.

You will not automatically be assigned with an account. Before you create your first request to the Weekly10 Support Team, you will, therefore, need to create an account.


To create an account in the Weekly10 Help Center:

1. Select Sign in at the top-right of the page.



2. Create your account by either of the ways described bellow:


  • Select Sign up and fill out the form with your full name and the email address. You will receive a welcome email with a link so you can verify your email address and sign in.


  • Sign up with your Twitter, Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account.



You will be directed to the sign-in page of the account you have chosen and asked to enter your credentials. If the credentials are valid, a user profile is created for you in the Help Center. You'll be redirected to the Help Center page where you're logged in. The Submit a request button is active now.



When signing up with Twitter, Facebook, Google, or Microsoft, your account username and password are never shared. Only the primary email address that is contained in the account is shared.

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