What's new in the Human Success Platform - May 2024

We’re happy to present a summary of the latest features and updates we’ve rolled out across the Human Success Platform in the past month. Take a moment to see what’s new.


New in Learn365

New line manager overview for their team’s skill proficiency

We’ve introduced a new page in the Line Manager Dashboard that provides line managers an overview of their team's skill proficiency.

Combined with the capabilities in Learn365 to set target skills for job profiles, this enables line managers to get an overview of, and dive into the details of, how their team is performing up against the skills they need, and identify skill gaps.


Skills Proficiency Line manager Dashboard GIF


To explore details of how their teams are progressing against their target skills, line managers can look at how their team is progressing towards individual skills as well as how individual people are progressing against their target skills. They can also examine the skills proficiency per team.


It’s now easier to add and grant skills

We’ve added a filter that enables line managers and admins to quickly find the skill they are looking for when they are, for example, granting team members skills, or adding skills for a target skill rule.


Filters for granting skills Line manager GIF


New report shows training completion compared to due date

We’ve introduced a new report dashboard that enables admins and line managers to get an overview of training completions in relation to due dates.

This provides an overview of the number of courses that are completed on time at course catalog level, as well as on an individual course and team member level.


reports completion vs due date admin center GIF


New reporting area for line managers

With this release, we’ve made it easier for line managers to follow their team’s training progress by introducing a reporting area as part of the Line Manager Dashboard.


Line Manager Reports completion vs due date GIF


From this area, line managers can monitor the progress of all employees within their organizational scope of responsibility. The Courses, Training plans, and Completions vs due dates dashboards are available for line managers to view, while the Session attendance, Training progress, and Learner progress reports are available for download.


Enhancements to AI course creation

With this release, we’ve made the AI course generation process even smoother for admins and are a step closer to offering creation of complete courses with AI-assistance.

We’ve enhanced the AI course generation functionality by now enabling admins to create courses with title, course details, and quizzes from a video.

Additionally, we’ve added the option for admins to automatically generate a learning module containing the file or video used for the course generation.

Also, admins can now control the output language, regardless of whether the course is created from a text, file, or video.


create course from video +LM GIF


New in Engage365

AI-assisted overview of trends across check-ins

To assist managers in identifying trends and issues earlier, we’ve introduced an AI-powered widget as well as a dashboard that provide managers with an at-a-glance overview of common topics across their team members’ check-ins.

The widget shows a summary of common topics across check-ins, new topics that have come up, and how often each topic was mentioned in a check-in in the last 10 weeks.

The dashboard has a pie chart that shows how often the common topics are mentioned in relation to each other. The manager can filter on dates to get the view for a certain period of time.


common checkin topics GIF width=


New in Perform365

Admins can now self-serve when customizing the talent map

We’ve introduced the option for admins to self-serve when customizing the talent map to meet their specific organizational requirements.

A new area from within Perform365 enables admins to configure talent mapping cycles and the permission settings, grid, fields, and reference calibration curve of the talent mapping templates.


talent mapping


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