Purge enrollments via API

It’s possible to purge enrollments from the LMS365 (Learn365) tenant via API, therefore completely removing this information.

This article describes the steps you should follow to purge an enrollment via API.



You can purge only non-active enrollments.


Before purging an enrollment, you’ll need its Id. You can find this via the API by following the steps in this article.

To purge an enrollment via the API:

1. Go to https://api.365.systems/ and make sure you are authorized with the relevant API key.

2. In the Enrollments section, select the POST /odata/v2/Enrollments({Id})/Purge endpoint and select Try it out in the top right-hand corner.


Purge an enrollment endpoint


3. Enter the Id of the enrollment you want to purge.

4. Select Execute to run the request.

5. Go to the Response block to check the results:

  • 204 code without parameters in its body means the successful response.
  • In case of an error, the response body contains the error object with the code and message keys explaining the issue.

You can check the Audit Trail to see more information about the purged enrollment.

6. Go to the Learn365 Admin Center > Global Settings > Audit Trail.

7. Find and select the last record with the Enrollment was purged activity name to see more information.


Purge an enrollment audit trail


You can find more information about the Audit Trail in this article.


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