What's new in the Human Success Platform - June 2024

We've got a quick rundown of the latest features and updates that have rolled out in the past month.

Take a moment to see what's new and how it might benefit your day-to-day. Let's jump right in!


New in Learn365

Integrations with HRIS and HCM systems

From this release, integration with selected Human Resource Information System (HRIS) or Human Capital Management (HCM) systems is available for customers with a Learn365 Select subscriptions. It's also available to purchase for customers with Learn365 Standard and Learn365 Professional subscriptions.

The new integration enables you to ensure employee information is kept up to date and automatically updated. Changes made to user details in your HRIS or HCM system will be automatically updated each day, and administrators will be able to view the data in Learn365.

In this initial release, fields that will by synched with Learn365 are title, email address, line manager, department, job title, city, office, country and company.


HRIS integrations


Skills Framework Improvements

Bulk import skills from .CSV

Start simplifying management of an existing skills framework by importing data into Learn365 via a .CSV file upload. You can now pull in skills, skills levels, categories and tags from your existing spreadsheet-based skills framework and more easily maintain your catalog from Learn365.

Skills that already exist in the system or that are missing skill proficiency levels will be flagged at import so errors and duplications can be addressed. Missing levels can be added by administrators in just a couple of clicks. Imported skills and proficiency levels can then be assigned to role profiles and learning resources, helping employees find learning that's most relevant to their role and career goals.


Import skills


Visualize progress towards target skills from day 1

Employees and line managers have been able to visualize progress towards skills proficiency targets for a couple of months now. But some employees are just getting started with skills, maybe they have fewer than 3, and some have more than 20. To give those employees and their line managers the same at-a-glance view of progress to keep everyone focused and motivated, we've introduced an alternative view.

The new bar chart uses the same color-coding as the spider diagram, and the overview remains the same.


skill proficiency.gif


AI course creation file size limit removed

The time-saving 'create course with AI' capability in Learn365 has been further improved in this June release, removing the file size limit when creating courses from Microsoft Word or PowerPoint files.

Excel files can also now be used as source content, with no sizing limits. PDF documents can also be much larger from this release, with a new size limit of 300 pages.


No file size limit


Cross-catalog enrollment actions for line managers

Line managers can now enroll or unenroll their employees from courses and grant or revoke skills from the line manager dashboard 'all catalogs' view.

This saves management administration time for organizations who distribute employee learning resources across multiple catalogs.


New in Engage365

Administrators can now delete individual check-ins

In the June release, we have added the option for administrators to delete a check-in. We anticipate this being an exception, but one that will help employees, line managers, and administrators if duplicate check-ins are created, or perhaps a question was added accidentally for a week.

The check-in can be removed so it doesn't skew engagement results or 1:1 agenda suggestions.

Deleted check-ins will be no longer be available anywhere in the system.


Delete check ins


New in Perform365

Flag to report issues with AI-generated content

With the increasing number of features in the Human Success Platform supported by AI, we have introduced the ability for our customers to report where AI information provided is incorrect to our support teams.

The look and feel is slightly different in each of our products, but where AI is featured users will be able to click through to support pages to raise a ticket.


AI-generated content


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