How do I cancel my LMS365 (Learn365) subscription?

If you consider to terminate your LMS365 (Learn365) subscription and have questions, reach out to the Zensai Customer Success team by sending an email to

If you've decided to terminate your LMS365 (Learn365) subscription, please request access to the termination form from the Zensai Subscription team at



The termination notice must be given no later than 60 days prior to the next planned renewal. If you haven't done so, a new binding period shall automatically commence.


After submitting the termination form:

  • You'll receive a confirmation of the LMS365 (Learn365) subscription termination.
  • Your contract and subscription will run until the expiration date of your subscription.

90 days after the expiration date of your subscription, all data will be deleted from the LMS365 (Learn365) Azure subscription. However, course catalogs (SharePoint site collections), courses (pages of the site collections), and content within courses (for example, word documents, PDFs, etc.) won't be deleted automatically by Zensai because this content is stored on the customer's Microsoft 365 tenant. For detailed information about how to delete content, see this article

If you are experiencing issues with LMS365 (Learn365) or have any concerns about your subscription, contact the Zensai Customer Success team by sending an email to


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