The redesigned My Training Dashboard becomes default

During the past months, My Training Dashboard has undergone a complete redesign. The purpose of this has been to provide all users of LMS365 with a better overview of their own training activities and accomplishments and a more modern experience when following up on their training status.  

You may already have noticed the “New Look” of My Training Dashboard, and even enabled the preview version for selected users of your organization while this option has been available since the August 2020 release – or you may even have taken part in our user test before the summer. 

Soon the “New Look” of My Training Dashboard will be the default experience for all LMS365 tenants and users. With the November 2020 release, currently scheduled for November 23rd, the new My Training Dashboard will take over from the “Classic”. 

This means that after the November release, all current My Training Dashboard web parts on SharePoint Online as well as in Microsoft Teams will automatically be replaced with the new ones, and all My Training Dashboards will appear in the “New Look” for all users of your organization.  

At the same time, the option to “Preview "New Look" for My Training Dashboard” in the Global Configuration area in LMS365 will be removed since this is obviously not needed after the release. (This was where you as an Admin had the option to specify certain users for whom the “New Look” should be available while in preview).  

If needed, the individual user will still be able to switch back and forth between “New Look” and “Classic Look”. This switching option will be available during a transition period, until the “Classic Look” is eventually removed entirely from LMS365 at a later time. We will of course announce in advance when the “Classic” experience is retired.  

Your organization’s settings will be preserved 

You may be wondering: What will happen to our existing configuration of My Training Dashboard when the “New Look” takes over as default?  

We will of course make sure that the configuration choices that your organization has applied to My Training Dashboard in the “Classic Look” will carry over to similar settings for My Training Dashboard in the “New Look”. This will happen automatically to the furthest extend possible, based on the following rules:  

  • The Current Training, In Progress, All, Completed, Ended and Pending columns in “Classic Look” will all be part of the Training section in “New Look”. 

The Training section can be considered as the standard section, if you will, of the new dashboard, and this will include a number of views and filtering options that the user can work with to get the overview and information they need. 

  • If the Certificates or Competencies columns are currently shown in “Classic Look”, the Certificates & Competencies section will be shown in “New Look”.  

Please note if your organization does not have the LMS365 Competency Management add-on as part of your license subscription, this section will just be called Certificates. 

  • If the CEUs column is currently shown in “Classic Look”, the CEUs section will be shown in “New Look”. 
  • If the Leaderboard column is currently shown in “Classic Look”, the Leaderboard section will be shown in “New Look”. 
  • If the Transcript column is currently shown in “Classic Look”, the Transcript section will be shown in “New Look”. 

My Training Dashboard in SharePoint and in Microsoft Teams have individual settings. 

My Training Dashboard in Microsoft Teams will have all sections enabled by default in the “New Look”, except from the Leaderboard section. This will need to be specifically enabled by an LMS365 Administrator in My Training Dashboard in Teams. 

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