How to clear cache in Microsoft Teams to avoid issues with LMS365 (Learn365)


If you experience issues with LMS365 (Learn365) in Microsoft Teams, you may clear cache to solve an issue.

This article covers the steps of how to clear cache in Microsoft Teams to avoid possible issues with LMS365 (Learn365) functionality within Microsoft Teams.


Clear cache for Windows users

1. Fully close your Microsoft Teams and Outlook apps.

  • To close Microsoft Teams, expand the arrow icon at the right bottom of your screen, select the Microsoft Teams icon and Quit.


  • To exit from Outlook, on the desktop view, select File > Exit. You can also log out from your account.

2. While holding the Windows key, press the R key to open the Run command window. In the opened window, paste the following command and select OK.






3. In the opened list of folders, select Teams. Right click it to open the actions menu and select Delete.




4. Relaunch Microsoft Teams. 


Clear cache for Mac users

1. To fully close Microsoft Teams, right click the Microsoft Teams icon on your dock and select Quit

2. Open Finder > Go> Go to Folder…

3. Paste the command into the Go to Folder box and select Go.


  ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft




4. On the opened page, right click the Teams folder to open the menu and select Move to Trash.

5. Using the Spotlight Search (the magnifying glass icon on the menu bar), enter Keychain and select Keychain Access.

Within Keychain, search for Microsoft Teams to find the Microsoft Teams Identities Cache entry. Right (two finger) click this item and select Delete.

Close the Keychain Access app.




6. Relaunch Microsoft Teams.


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