The "Access Denied" error in the Learn365 Academy

When you enter the Learn365 Academy, you might receive an "Access Denied" error message even though you've been invited and should have access to the training portal.

In this article, we describe the cause of this issue and how to solve and prevent it.


The issue cause

The Learn365 Academy is hosted on a separate Microsoft 365 environment, to which your account has been added as an external user. 

The Learn365 Academy is hosted on a Microsoft 365 tenant that is different from your organization's Microsoft 365 tenant. As a result, your browser will cache the login information specific to whichever Microsoft 365 tenant you have first accessed during your browser session. If this tenant was your organization's Microsoft 365 tenant, an attempt to use the cached login data for authentication for the Learn365 Academy tenant will result in an error and the "Access Denied" message. 



As a solution to this, we recommend accessing the Learn365 Academy via an incognito window to ensure your browser doesn't use incorrect login information for authentication.

Alternatively, you can set up an additional profile in Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome that will be dedicated to access the Learn365 Academy. This will ensure the proper authentication information is used. 


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