April 2021 release highlights

Release date: April 19, 2021


We’re pleased to announce that the April 2021 release of LMS365 is now available to all customers.


Highlights of this release:



LMS365 Microsoft Teams app

#1 LMS365 app for Microsoft Teams available for Microsoft's US Government Community Cloud (GCC)

With this release, we can announce that the LMS365 app for Microsoft Teams will now be available for US GCC.

We are excited to now provide a seamless learning experience through Teams for our current and future US GCC customers.


#2 Bring more LMS365 notifications directly in Microsoft Teams

With the previous release, we introduced LMS365 notifications in Microsoft Teams by enabling learners to receive notifications in Teams when they have enrolled in or unenrolled from a training plan or course. 

Now, we are happy to announce that more LMS365 notifications can be featured in Teams.

From this release, users can receive LMS365 notifications in Teams that either require an action or are sent directly to the user (the user is in the To, not the Cc field of the notification).

This means, learners, instructors, and admins are instantly notified in Teams, for example, with the expiration of a certificate, a classroom start, or a user request to enroll in a session. Bringing peoples' attention towards learning activities and updates in the context of where they are working.

To receive LMS365 notifications in Teams, users will still need to activate notifications in their LMS365 Personal Preferences settings.




All notifications will be delivered via the LMS365 bot as well as in the Teams Activity feed and include title, image, training type, training ID, and description of the course or training plan in question.




The LMS365 Teams notifications are actionable allowing people to initiate and complete flows from the context of Teams. For example, a line manager can approve or reject a learner's request to enroll in a session directly from the Teams notification. 


#3 Stay in Teams when reaching out to the course contact person 

When learners click on the contact person from the training home page of the LMS365 Teams app, the learner will now be directed to a chat with the contact person in Microsoft Teams. 

This allows learners to intuitively stay in the context of Teams for more of the learning experience.

Please note: This change only affects the course home page in Teams, not the course home page viewed from a browser.



Session-based training

#1 Add online location to classroom training

Often, a course will include sessions that take place in an online as well as a physical location. It is also a common scenario that the same session will offer physical presence for some people and online for those that can't meet up physically.

To mirror this reality, we have now enabled course admins to add a meeting URL to classroom training sessions. This allows for courses with a combination of sessions with physical and online location and enables course admins to easily inform of a physical as well as an online location of the same session.

This past year, many organizations have been in need of converting a physical location to an online. This update enables this as well as the change from an online to a physical meeting room.


The field 'Meeting URL' and 'Room' can be used together for the same meeting. It's mandatory to fill in at least one of these values.

Meeting URL will be visible (and clickable) for learners from the course landing page, the training dashboard, in the calendar invitation, and in course notifications.


#2 Show count of users in a group 

When managing learners of a session, course admins will now see how many people that are part of an enrolled AD group.

This provides transparency into the number of different learners that are already signed up to a session and helps admins with apparent information on session availability.



Notifications admin area

#1 Redesign of the Notifications admin area user interface (UI)

With this release, we will adjust the UI of the Notifications admin area to provide a clearer overview of the LMS365 notifications settings, the different notifications, and their associated templates.

To better signal the scope of the Notifications admin area, we have renamed the menu link and the name of the area from "Email Notification Templates" to "Notifications".

Also, we have added more information about each notification and the associated template in the list view as well as we have introduced filters. The filters provide a clear overview of notifications and template characteristics and allow admins to quickly narrow down to relevant results.

These adjustments will not introduce changes to the functionality of notifications, to notification settings, or to the notification email template editor. The changes are solely introduced to make it more intuitive and effective for admins to configure notification settings and templates.





#1 More variable fields to the certificate template editor

From this release more fields are available to add to certificates from the certificate template editor. In this way, course admins can now add variables as company name, instructor, department, country, and course duration to certificates.

This will allow for further customization of templates and support efforts in ensuring that course certificates adhere to different national regulations.





Please find more details of the April 2021 release in the release notes. 


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