May 2021 release highlights

Release date: May 31, 2021


We’re pleased to announce that the May 2021 release of LMS365 is now available to all customers.


Highlights of this release



LMS365 Microsoft Teams app

#1 Add Course Catalogs to the LMS365 Teams app

With the May 2021 release, we are introducing an additional tab in the LMS365 Teams app showing Course Catalog(s). This integrates the catalog experience directly into the LMS365 Teams app.

Learners can get the full overview and sign up to available courses from the LMS365 Teams app. If users have access to several catalogs, they can switch between these.

With this update, all LMS365 functionality is brought to the LMS365 Teams app to deliver the full learning experience from within the app.


Please note: Due to the Microsoft Teams app approval process, this feature may be rolled out before or after the LMS365 release. 

Find more information on how users select Course Catalog(s) from the LMS365 Teams App in this guide


#2 Multilingual LMS365 notifications in Microsoft Team

In March 2021, we introduced LMS365 notifications in Microsoft Teams. Now, LMS365 notifications in Teams will be possible to deliver in the supported LMS365 languages. Enabling you to meet needs of your global workforce and communicate in Teams to users in their regional language.

Notifications will be delivered in the language of the Course Catalog.


Session-based training

#1 Create Microsoft Teams meetings directly from a session

If you use Microsoft Teams meetings for online sessions, this update will make it much smoother to create new sessions that are held online. Admins will now be able to create a Teams meeting directly from the create/edit course session panel.

This spares the course admin from first creating a meeting in Teams and then copying and pasting the URL into LMS365. Further integrating LMS365 with the Teams experience and making the process of creating online sessions much quicker.




Please note: As this requires a new level of permissions for the LMS365 product, an LMS365 Global Admin will have to once accept the changed LM365 permissions from their tenant for this capability to be enabled. Please find more information in this guide


#2 Enrollment deadline for classroom and webinar sessions

From this release, you can ensure learners sign up to sessions in due time by setting a deadline for enrollment into classroom and webinar sessions. This helps administrators and instructors avoid last-minute sign-ups and enables instructors to take the number of attendees into consideration when planning sessions.

For single-session enrollment courses, the enrollment deadline is set on session level. 




For all-session enrollment courses, the enrollment deadline is set on course level.  




The enrollment deadline will not prevent admins from enrolling new learners. Also, the functionality does not change waiting list behavior.

Please find more details on the enrollment deadline capability in this guide.



#1 New default background image for certificate templates

Now you can use a new default background image for certificates when rewarding learners. We will replace the former default background of certificates with a new design. This will give certificates a new, fresh default look.



Existing certificates and certificate templates will not be affected by this change. The new default background image will be used when creating new certificates and will be available in the image gallery to use if you would like to change the background image of existing templates.


LMS365 Mobile App

#1 Update of the user interface

In a period of time, we have been working to update the user interface of the LMS365 mobile app to a new look and feel.

Following this release, we are delighted to announce that an updated design is available for all main interfaces of the LMS365 mobile app. Ensuring an appealing and engaging user experience for people that are learning on the go.




Please note: The LMS365 Mobile App release runs side-by-side, but independent of the general LMS365 product release. The latest design changes were released May 18, 2021.


Training Home Page

#1 Preview of new design for the Training Home Page

With the May 2021 release, we will make a preview of a new design for the Training Home Page available for testing purposes.

Following the release, the global LMS365 admin can enable the new design for selected users from the New Features section in the LMS3365 Admin Center.


The selected users will see the new design of the Training Home Page and be offered to provide feedback directly to the LMS365 team via a widget at the page.




You can find more details about the possibilities for providing feedback to these design changes in our customer forum. 


Please find full information about the LMS365 May 2021 release in the release notes

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