August (September) 2021 release highlights

Release date: September 6, 2021 (the August 2021 release was postponed to September 6, 2021).


We’re pleased to announce that the August (September) 2021 release of LMS365 is now available to all customers.


Highlights of this release


Training home page

New design for training home pages generally available

We are excited to announce that a new design of the training home page will be generally available from the August 2021 release. 

The new design is introduced to improve the learner experience by giving learners a clear overview of all information and actions on course and training plan home pages.

Please find more details about the new design of the training home page in this article.




Color theme settings

You can now configure the SharePoint color theme on course catalog level

When a new course or training plan site is created, SharePoint has a default behavior of applying a random color theme to the site. This means, that if no color theme is set for the SharePoint site of courses and training plans, these sites will have different and random color themes. Action buttons, links, and the like will, therefore, be of different colors on different training home pages in the same course catalog.

With this release, we will introduce a new course catalog setting that will enable course catalog admins to control the color theme of course and training plan sites by selecting a standard SharePoint color theme to be applied to the SharePoint site of courses and training plans within the course catalog.




The setting will be found in the LMS365 Admin Center > Course Catalog Settings under Settings > LMS Configuration. From here, course admins can select one of SharePoint's standard color themes to apply to the course and training plan sites within the catalog.

The setting can either be applied to all existing and new course and training plan sites, or just to course and training plan sites created after the configuration. 

Please see full details of the new feature in this guide.


Course content management 

Manage learning content from one place

As a course admin, you often administer different types of learning content for the same course - content packages, quizzes, learning modules, and external apps. Before, content of these different learning types were handled in different places. This meant, course admins would manage content for the same course from different user interfaces and in an isolated context without seeing the overview of all current course content.   

With this release, we are uniting the different course content management user interfaces into one area, Manage Course Content, from where course admins can manage all content of a course while getting the overview of the course content. 




From this overview of learning content, details like content type and progress of the individual learning items are shown. Selecting an individual learning item provides options to manage this with actions relevant for the content type.

Dragging and dropping learning items will change their order in the course. This order will be reflected at the course home page and control the order in which learners will see the different learning items at the page.




From the + Add Learning Item button, the admin can add learning content to the course while staying connected to the Manage Course Content area.




Manage Course Content will be available from the Course Management panel. 




Please find full details on how to manage course content here.


The LMS365 API key

Introducing multiple LMS365 API keys

From this release, we have enabled global admins to generate multiple LMS365 API keys. 

This will allow more control over individual API keys as it will now be possible to revoke keys that are employed for a specific use. With this, customers can revoke keys without risking to break critical integrations.

Also, customers will now be able to assign either Read Only or Full Control to each key controlling how the specific API key can be used.



API management will be done centrally from the LMS365 Admin Center > Global Settings under Settings > API Key Management. Here, the global admin can create new API keys, assign permissions, and revoke and edit current API keys. Please find details on LMS365 API key management in this guide


Find full information about the LMS365 August/September 2021 release in the release notes


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