October 2021 release highlights

Release date: October 18, 2021.


We’re pleased to announce that the October 2021 release of LMS365 is now available to all customers.


Highlights of this release


Create and edit training

New intuitive way to create and edit training

We are excited to introduce a new way to create and edit courses and training plans!

The creation and editing of courses and training plans will start from where you are used to manage training: The Course List and the Training Plan List. But when selecting to create or edit training, a panel will appear guiding you through each step in a flow that intuitively takes you through all training settings.

All training configurations and content can be managed smoothly from this one interface that, with its simplicity, enables new admins to start creating training straight away - without the need for prior training.

Please find more details of the new user interface for creating and editing training in this article




Please find the full description on how to create courses with the new user interface in this guide, and see this guide to find more details on how to create training plans in the new way.


New links and navigation behavior for the Course Management and Training Plan Management panels

To align the Course and Training Management panels with the new way of creating and editing training, new links have been introduced to the panels and all links to manage training will now redirect to the edit course/training plan panel where configuration of the training happens.

This means that you now have direct links to all training configuration options from these panels.




The new links that have been introduced is the Manage Course Settings link, that will lead you to manage training settings, and the Manage Courses link, that will be available from the Training Plan Management panel, and lead you to manage courses of the training plan in question.

The Edit Course/Training Plan link will now lead directly to the configuration of basic details in the course/training plan panel. The Manage Learners link will navigate you to the People section of the panel where you manage enrollments. The Manage Course Content link will be available for courses and lead you to the part of the panel where you manage the content of the course. Finally, the Manage Course Sessions will be available for session based courses and navigate you to the area of the panel where you administer sessions of the course in question.




You can now filter courses by No Category

When creating courses and training plans, the Category field will no longer be required to fill out. This means that training can now be created without a category. For learners and admins to more easily find these uncategorized courses and training plans, it will, therefore, be possible to filter training by No Category.

In the LMS365 Admin Center, admins can filter by No Category from the Course List and the Training Plan List to get a list of all training that is not categorized.




Learners will be able to filter training by No Category from the course catalog home page.

If all courses and training plans are categorized, the No Category value will not be present as a filtering option.


Live feedback and activity updates

Instant feedback on the success of actions and configurations 

To support a flow of timely communication from the LMS365 product to the admin, we have created a new framework for the delivery of system messages.

When performing actions like creating and editing training and enrolling users into training, admins will now receive live feedback and activity information from the system in the form of pop-up messages confirming the success of an action, advising of an error in the process, or informing about activities.

In this way, the admin will continuously get a status on the flow of actions and can understand whether recent changes were completed successfully. 




The messages will rest on the screen for five seconds. After this, admins can find all notifications received on the success or failure of actions by selecting the bell icon. 




Training home page

Update to the user interface of empty content areas

In some cases, for example, if course content or courses are not published, learners will find an empty content area on training home pages. To make it clear for learners why the content section of these courses and training plans are empty, we now introduce an illustration to empty content areas along with an explanatory text. 

If no learning items were added to the course, or were added and then hidden form the home page, an illustration with the notification: No learning items are added for this course will inform of this.




When content of the training is not published (as it may be still scheduled or already have ended), learners will be informed by the text: This training is not published. That is why you cannot see the content.




When no courses are available for learners in a training plan, they will be notified with the text: No courses are added for this training plan.




The illustrations are automatically adjusted to dark mode.


The LMS365 app for Microsoft Teams

Change of My Training Dashboard left navigation 

To better align with the user interface of Microsoft Teams, we have changed the left navigation on My Training Dashboard in the LMS365 app for Teams.

The left navigation menu will now be collapsed in a burger menu. When selected, the menu will fold out in a panel letting the user focus on the menu content by covering the content of the current page.




Please find full details of the LMS365 October 2021 release in the release notes.

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