LMS365 (Learn365) features designed to add gamification elements to learning

While gamification in learning is primarily created in the design of the course content, LMS365 (Learn365) includes features that are specifically designed to add gameplaying elements to learning. In this article, we introduce these features and describe how they can motivate learners to achieve learning goals.


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The Leaderboard

The Leaderboard enables learners to see how they are performing against others. By highlighting top-performers and clearly showcasing achievements of learners—such as earned CEUs, completed training, and acquired certificated—the Leaderboard adds a competitive element to the completion of training.



The Leaderboard view on the SharePoint page



The Leaderboard view in the Learn365 mobile app


Levels with the Skills Framework

The Skills Framework and prerequisites allow you to map out a learning journey consisting of different levels.

Using scale sets, you can attach different levels to courses in a training plan. By enabling prerequisites for courses in the training plan, you can ensure learners go through each level by making sure courses of a higher level aren't unlocked until courses of the lower level are completed.

As learners complete a course of one level, they will achieve a matching skill, and can celebrate that they have now gone one level up in proficiency.


Progress dashboard in My Training Dashboard

The Overview in My Training Dashboard provides each learner with a personalized, pictorial overview of their training progress. Clearly outlining the learner's individual learning objectives, as well as the progress with these, keeps learners on track with their learning journey.



The Overview section on the SharePoint page



The Overview section in the Learn365 mobile app


Points as Continual Education Units (CEUs) and quiz question points

Many games use points to reward effort and quantify a player's progress.

With CEUs, you can reward the learner with a number of CEUs for passing specific training. Learners can track their CEUs in My Training Dashboard and follow along as they earn more points whenever they successfully complete training.




Learners can also be awarded with points for every question in a quiz that is answered correctly. If enabled, learners will see how many points each question in the quiz is worth, and at the end of the quiz, they will get an overview of how many points they earned.


Gamification with Quizzes

Quizzes can be set up to engage learners with gamification mechanics.


If the Show Score During Quiz and Show Score on Completion options are enabled, learners will see their quiz score during the quiz and upon completion, helping them to evaluate their performance and be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment.

Learners can be awarded points for every question that is answered correctly




Instant feedback

If the Show Score During Quiz option is enabled, learners will get immediate feedback on their answers to quiz questions and will understand how they are performing in real-time.

This enables learners to receive evaluation in the flow of learning and gain feedback to help them achieve learning goals. Also, it activates the brain reward system of learners with positive feedback (when the answers are correct).  




Time limit

To add some extra excitement, you can enable the Timer Option of a quiz. This will put a limit on the time learners have to complete the test and make it a challenge for them to complete the test before the time runs out.




Engaging quiz questions

LMS365 (Learn365) offers a range of quiz question types that enable you to create challenging quiz questions that engage learners.

  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, and True or False questions enable quick execution of tests and allow you to present learners with fun, alternative answer options.
  • Ordering, Matching, Hot Spot, and Gap Fill challenge the learner to solve the task of, respectively, placing answers in the right order, matching items correctly, marking a certain area of an image, and figuring out the missing word(s) of a sentence.
  • Short Answer and Free Text Answer make learners consider the question while formulating a personalized answer.

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