Duplicate quiz values in Power BI

If you have received an error in Power BI mentioning a table containing a duplicate value that is causing the report to not load, follow the steps below to resolve this behavior.

If this duplicate value is mentioning the Manager's field, see this article instead.

Here is an example of what the error may look like, please be sure to copy the duplicate value that is mentioned.




1. In order to fix this behavior, please go to the Power BI Report, and then go to Transform Data at the top.




2. From here, find the affected table from the error message. In this case, the table is "Quiz" and the column is "QuizId". In this column, please select the filter icon.




3. Then select Text filters > Does Not Equal. Then paste in the ID that is found from the error. Please note that there may be more than one error:




4. Once this has been completed, select "Ok" and then "Close and Apply" in the upper right corner.




The report will start refreshing automatically. Depending on the number of errors that have been caused, this process may need to be repeated with additional IDs being added.


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