May 2022 release highlights

Release date: May 30, 2022.

We’re pleased to announce that the May 2022 release of LMS365 is now available to all customers.


Highlights of this release:


The Skills Framework

#1 Learners can now filter training based on skills

From this release, learners will be able to find training based on the skills it provides by using filters on the course catalog home page. 

This allows learners to focus on the outcome of learning when selecting training to enroll in.

The number of courses and training plans that will provide a skill will be shown in brackets after the skill.

The filter will show the five skills provided by the largest number of courses and training plans in the course catalog. If more skills are provided by training in the course catalog, these skills will be found when selecting Show more+.


The Skills filter can be enabled and disabled by the course catalog admin in the Course Catalog Settings. By default, the filter will be enabled.


#2 Improved user experience for managing Skill Level Sets

To improve the user experience for course catalog admins when they are managing skill level sets, skill levels can now be ordered with a simple drag and drop maneuver. 



Previously, the course catalog admin would need to provide each level in a Skills Level Set with a value to sort the levels from highest to lowest.



Please note that the Skills Framework isn't included in all LMS365 subscription plans.


The LMS365 Admin Center

It's now easier to switch between the admin interface of course catalogs

To make it more convenient for instructors, course admins, and course catalog admins to switch between the admin interface of different course catalogs, we have introduced a course catalog selector in the LMS365 Admin Center.

Selecting a course catalog from the selector will lead the user directly to the LMS365 Admin Center of this course catalog. Here, the user will only see and have access to the part of the LMS365 Admin Center that their role has permission to.


The selector is permission trimmed, meaning that users will only see course catalogs in the list in which they either have an instructor, course admin, or course catalog admin role.


API improvements

New endpoint to unenroll users or groups from a course or training plan

With this release, we will introduce a new endpoint: "odata/v2/Courses({Id})/Unenroll" to enable the unenrollment of users and groups via API.

The endpoint makes it possible to unenroll a user as well as a group by using the userLoginName parameter with an appropriate value.


The LMS365 mobile app

Learners can now download certificates from the LMS365 mobile app

With this update, learners can download their certificates from the LMS365 mobile app and either share or print the certificates directly from their mobile phones or tablets.

When selecting a certificate from the LMS365 mobile app, the PDF viewer installed on the learner's device will launch and open the certificate. The learner can then choose to store the certificate in the file system, share it via the share dialog, or print it. 

If there is no PDF viewer available on the learner's device, the LMS365 mobile app will offer to store the certificate in the Downloads folder of the device. 


The LMS365 mobile app release runs side-by-side but is independent of the general LMS365 product release. This update will be submitted on May 30, 2022.


Please find full details of the LMS365 May 2022 release in the release notes.


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