Integrate LMS365 with Microsoft Viva Learning

You can integrate LMS365 with Microsoft Viva Learning.

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Microsoft's employee learning API in Microsoft Graph is now available in public preview, which means that you can start integrating LMS365 with Microsoft Viva Learning and feature LMS365 courses in Viva Learning.

The integration will ensure all learning in your organization can be found from one single interface. This provides learners with a full overview of available training, training in which they are enrolled, their training progress, and training that has been recommended to them, and ensures that structured courses from your LMS365 solution are available in the flow of work, now also from Viva Learning. 

Configure the built-in LMS365 Viva Learning integration to include LMS365 in the list of available content providers for your Viva Learning application. When the integration is enabled, LMS365 courses will be shown in cards, side by side with other learning content you choose to display in Viva Learning, branded for a seamless learning experience.



You can choose to customize provider names and course icons from LMS365. This will help brand your internal learning platform and make the origin of the training clear to learners.

When selecting an LMS365 course from Viva Learning, users will find the course description, featured details, and image perfectly aligned with the styling of the application.

From Viva Learning, users can open the course to start the training, share or recommend it, bookmark the training for later, or add it to their calendar to schedule the training.

The integration with Viva Learning is enabled via the Global Settings of LMS365. Find guidelines on how to set up the integration here.



The employee learning API in Microsoft Graph is on the /beta version. Therefore, it's subject to change and there can be issues with integrations created with this API.
Also, due to its version, the employee learning API in production applications isn't supported.
See Microsoft's documentation for more information on the employee learning API and its status.


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