Introducing the new interface for creating and managing learning modules

We're excited to announce that from the August 2022 release of LMS365 we'll launch a new interface for creating and managing course content in the LMS365 learning module builder.

Creating or editing learning modules will now be done intuitively from within the context of creating or editing the course.



Selecting to create a new learning module, you'll get a clear overview of the different types of content you can include.

From here, you can smoothly add the relevant learning content before you move on to provide the learning module with a name and description. 

Create or save changes in the learning module via the blue Create/Save button that course administrators will know from the course creation process.



Editing the learning module will bring you to the same user interface, from where you can get an overview of all content in the learning module, and easily add new content, delete, and/or edit current content.

If a learning item in the learning module isn't available, the title of the learning item will be greyed out and a triangular icon with an exclamation mark will be displayed.



New names for the different types of content in the learning module builder

The functionality of the learning module builder hasn't changed. However, the different types of content you can select in the builder have been renamed.

Also, the process for adding content to the learning module has been enhanced for several types of content.

Content Editor will be called Create and format the content.

To allow the editor more space when editing the content, the Content field of the editor can now be expanded by selecting the Full-screen icon.



The Multimedia, Other Embed Code, and Microsoft Forms content items will now be grouped under a single item called Insert multimedia and other embed code.

A preview window will allow you to preview the result of the code or multimedia you have inserted.



The Read & Understood Confirmation can be found under Create read and understood confirmation.


To add a quiz to a learning module, you will now select the Select Quiz item.

This option also allows you to add quizzes that have been shared with the course catalog to the learning module. Previously, only quizzes that were shared with the current course could be added.



Content packages can be added by selecting the Select or upload content package item.

This option will allow you to add a content package to the learning module builder using drag and drop.



External Website Link/URL will now be called Add website link/URL.


Link to Documents & Files will now be found under Add link to documents and files


The item Add external app will enable you to add an external app directly to the learning module. 



Smooth transition to the new experience

To provide a smooth transition period for this feature, admins can continue to use the original learning module create and edit interface via the Learning module (legacy view) option.

This will be a temporary option until the October or November 2022 release of LMS365, when we intend to remove the original learning module builder interface. 


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