Upload ClipTraining content to LMS365 (Learn365)

With ClipTraining’s partnership with LMS365 (Learn365), catalog admins can easily upload ClipTraining SCORM content into your LMS365 (Learn365) solution.

In this article, we go through the steps you need to complete to upload this content.


In this article:



Before proceeding, please check that you have all of the following:

  • A current ClipTraining subscription
  • The ClipTraining welcome email
  • An LMS365 (Learn365) subscription
  • The catalog admin role in LMS365 (Learn365)
  • At least one course catalog created in LMS365 (Learn365).



Your ClipTraining welcome email would have been sent to your primary contact for ClipTraining. It won't be sent by LMS365 (Learn365). If you haven't received the welcome email, please contact your ClipTraining Account Manager.


Upload ClipTraining SCORM content packages to LMS365 (Learn365)

1. Open the ClipTraining welcome email.

2. In the email, select the Activate my account and download link to download the ClipTraining SCORM files from the ClipTraining site to your device.




3. Upload the ClipTraining SCORM files to a course catalog in LMS365 (Learn365). For the detailed steps on how to upload the SCORM files to your course catalog, see this article.


Use ClipTraining SCORM content packages in LMS365 (Learn365)

You can use ClipTraining SCORM packages as e-learning or instructor-led courses in their own right or add them to existing e-learning or instructor-led courses.


Update ClipTraining content packages

Some of the content you purchase from ClipTraining may offer quarterly updates. To request these updates, please contact your Zensai Customer Success Manager directly, or the Zensai Customer Success team at customersuccess@zensai.com.



To receive these updates, you must have at least nine months left on your ClipTraining subscription. If you have less time left, you will need to renew your subscription to receive the updates.


Once your Zensai Customer Success Manager has confirmed your update, ClipTraining will send you a new welcome email with a link to the updated content.



Before proceeding, we recommend you rename or remove any outdated ClipTraining SCORM files so the updated content isn't confused with the old content.


To update ClipTraining content packages in LMS365 (Learn365):

1. Open the ClipTraining welcome email that contains the link to the updated content.

2. Download the updated ClipTraining SCORM files to your device.

3. Upload the updated ClipTraining SCORM files to a course catalog in LMS365 (Learn365). For the detailed steps on uploading of the updated version of the SCORM file, see this article.



The progress, certificates, and skills associated with users who have completed ClipTraining content won't transfer to the updated ClipTraining content. To access the new content, you will need to enroll your users again in the new ClipTraining content.


Troubleshoot ClipTraining content packages

If you encounter issues when you access the SCORM download file from the ClipTraining welcome email, please contact your ClipTraining's Account Manager. 

If you encounter technical issues when you access or use a SCORM file, please refer to this article in the Zensai Help Center.


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