How to create a learning module via the API and Power Automate

If you want to create a learning module via API, you should to go to or a regional page such as, the find the POST​/odata​/v2​/LearningModules endpoint.

To create a learning module, add the required information: CourseId, learning module Title, and Configuration.





"CourseId": "02dc8861-f6c9-43f6-9d91-81ffd86ba4ca",
"Title": "Feedback Form",
"Configuration": {
"Items": "[{\"Content\":\"\",\"EmbedType\":5,\"ItemType\":3,\"Id\":\"8e55e9d4-93a7-4359-8427-7bc236359d68\",\"Title\":\"Feedback Form\",\"IsAvailable\":null,\"IsDeleted\":null},{\"ConfirmationMessage\":\"Please confirm that you have participated in the session and completed the feedback form\\n\",\"CheckMarkMessage\":\"I confirm that I participated in the webinar and completed the feedback form\",\"Type\":0,\"ItemType\":4,\"Id\":\"e00ca8b3-f25e-4375-a3fb-737d2fbcde79\",\"Title\":\"Confirmation\",\"IsAvailable\":null,\"IsDeleted\":null}]"


In Power Automate, you'll see two similar actions in the LMS365 (Learn365) Connector: Send an HTTP request and Send an HTTP request (preview). Differences in these two actions can be found in this article.

In Power Automate, select Sent an HTTP Request.




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