November 2022 release highlights

Release date: November 14, 2022.

We're delighted to announce the LMS365 November release. This release marks the launch of the integration between LMS365 and Go1 as well as further improvements to instructor-led training and a series of UI improvements.


Highlights of this release:




Go1 integration

Instant access to Go1 courses from LMS365

We're delighted to introduce the integration between LMS365 and Go1, giving you instant access to the world's largest curated online learning library from top training providers directly from LMS365.

Even customers that don't have a Go1 subscription can benefit from a selection of 20 free Go1 courses that are offered exclusively to LMS365 customers.

This means that, as an LMS365 customer, you now have a modern learning management system that includes high-quality content ready to be delivered to your organization. 

Access to the Go1 learning library is made available as an integration connector.



Read more in this article.



You won't be able to change the Content section in the course configuration panel of the 20 free Go1 courses.


The Go1 integration is launched in preview to all customers. However, after the December 2022 release of LMS365, customers will need to upgrade to an LMS365 Professional subscription in order to have the Go1 integration option included in their subscription.


See instructions on how to set up the integration with Go1.


Instructor-led training

#1 It's now easier for learners to change their selection of sessions 

To further improve the learner experience of instructor-led training, it's now possible for learners to change their selection of course sessions in a single step.

To change their selection of sessions, learners simply go to the course home page, select their new selection of one or more sessions they want to be enrolled in, select Change session registration, and confirm their choice.

This spares learners from carrying out the extra steps of unenrolling from the course and selecting sessions again.



The option to change sessions is available for instructor-led training where learners aren't automatically enrolled in all sessions of the course. 

Please find more details in this article.


#2 Learners can now quickly see the overview of their session enrollment status

Learners can now easily see the status of their registration for sessions of a course from the course home page. 

Each session that the learner has signed up for will be tagged with the status of the learner's enrollment: PENDING APPROVAL, ENROLLED, or ON WAITING LIST. The waiting list icon will be replaced by the status: ON WAITING LIST.



The tags will be shown on sessions of instructor-led training courses where learners aren't automatically enrolled in all sessions of the course. 


Course and training plan duration

Further support for the use of duration data for reporting purposes

To further support the use of course and training plan duration data for reporting purposes, we've introduced a new column in the reports that can be downloaded from the Training Management page.

This column will show the data from the Duration (standard format) field—presented in minutes (the numeric value) for the data to be prepared for calculation purposes.


UI changes

Enhanced usability of the course home page

To make core elements of course home pages more easily available to learners, the Play course option and the learner's course registration status will now be displayed above the Sessions section on home pages for instructor-led training courses. 



Previously, these elements were placed below the Sessions section.


Available languages

Now, LMS365 speaks Bulgarian

We're happy to announce that Bulgarian is added to the list of available languages in LMS365.

This enables admins and learners to experience the LMS365 user interfaces in Bulgarian, both from their desktop and mobile phones.


Please find full details of the LMS365 November 2022 release in the release notes.


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