December 2022 release highlights

Release date: December 19, 2022.

We’re pleased to announce the December 2022 release of LMS365. This release introduces a redesign of the quiz and question pool builder, the ability for learners to enroll in instructor-led training without enrolling in sessions, and the ability to control how category filters are applied to the course catalog page.


Highlights of this release


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The quiz and question pool builder

Redesign of the quiz and question pool builder

We're excited to launch a new design and interface for creating and managing quizzes and question pools.

Creating or editing quizzes and question pools will now be done intuitively either from within the context of creating or editing courses or by adding a new quiz or question pool to the Content section of the LMS365 Admin Center.


create quiz


Selecting to create a new quiz or question pool, you'll get a clear overview of the different types of quiz questions you can include.

From here, you can smoothly add the relevant questions before you move on to provide the quiz or question pool with a title and configure the individual quiz or question pool settings.


create questions


Editing a quiz or question pool will bring you to the same user interface, where you can get an overview of all questions, easily add or delete new questions, and/or edit existing ones.


edit quiz


An option to employ the former user interface of the quiz and question pool builder will be available for a transitional period.


legacy view


The functionality of quizzes and question pools won't change from the original design.


Instructor-led training

Learners can now enroll in instructor-led training without enrolling in sessions

You might have a course where you'd like learners to choose between joining sessions or simply going through self-paced learning content. With this release, we introduce more flexibility to the design of instructor-led training by providing admins with the option of creating such a course.

This new option gives learners access to the course content of an instructor-led training course and makes it possible to complete the course without enrolling in or attending sessions of the course.

The option can be found in the Settings section of the configuration panel of instructor-led training courses and is disabled by default. 




Where this option is enabled, enrollment in courses won't trigger the Course Session Selection Request notification to be sent to learners.


The course catalog page

You can now control how category filters are applied to the course catalog page

To make it easier to find relevant courses and training plans among a large selection of available training, a new option is introduced on the course catalog page that allows users to control the logic of how category filters are applied on the page when more than one category is selected.

The default logic is to show all courses and training plans tagged with any selected categories. By changing the filtering logic to Match all, the user can now narrow the results to show only courses and training plans tagged with all selected categories.

course catalog filters


LMS365 has a new company brand

We’ll update the LMS365 product with our new logo

As you may have seen, we've introduced some new elements to the LMS365 company brand. This will, among other things, include an updated corporate logo.

With this release, we'll update the LMS365 product UI with this new logo. We’re not adding additional branding to the product UI, but a few updates will be introduced where you usually see our logo—in the LMS365 Admin Center, in the LMS365 app for Microsoft Teams, and in the LMS365 mobile app. Please see images below.

new logo admin center

new logo integration connectors

new logo viva learning

new logo teams

new logo mobile app


Go1 integration

As mentioned in last month's release communication, from this release, the built-in Go1 integration will not be available for customers with a Standard subscription to LMS365. The built-in Go1 integration will be part of the LMS365 Professional subscription.


Please find full details of the LMS365 December 2022 release in the release notes.



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