February 2023 release highlights

Release date: February 20, 2023.

We’re pleased to announce the February 2023 release of LMS365.

This release introduces a calendar view of the course catalog, improvements to Assessments, new filters on the course catalog page, a new option to select more people in your organization to receive LMS365 communication, as well as UI adjustments to the quiz question statistics panel and the colors used to symbolize the progress of training and learning items.


Highlights of this release



Microsoft Viva Learning integration

The integration is further improved

In October 2022, we announced the integration between LMS365 and Viva Learning, enabling the featuring of LMS365 courses in Viva Learning via a built-in integration.

We’re happy to announce that this integration is now further improved. More information will follow.



From this release, the built-in Viva Learning integration won't be available for customers with a Standard subscription to LMS365. The built-in Viva Learning integration will be part of the LMS365 Professional and Select subscriptions.


Course calendar

#1 We've introduced a calendar view of the course catalog

When people consider available training options, it's helpful for them to clearly understand when the training will take place. Also, an overview of what training sessions are scheduled to take place in a certain period of time can help users in planning their training attendance.

With this in mind, we're happy to introduce a calendar view of the course catalog. The calendar view will show all planned course sessions in a calendar, which the user can scroll through to get an overview of planned sessions on a certain day, week, or month.

Selecting a session from the calendar will open a panel that shows details of the course that the session is part of. To make the relationship between sessions in a course easy to identify, sessions of the same course will be displayed in the same color in the calendar.

Users can select the calendar view option on the course catalog page, next to the Card view and the List view. 


calendar view of course catalog


#2 You can now show course sessions in a shared Outlook calendar

You can now let people easily see the organization's training schedule alongside their own Outlook calendar.

We've introduced a new option that enables the automatic sharing of scheduled training sessions with a shared calendar in the organization. In this way, all planned training sessions can be viewed from this calendar directly in Outlook. By opening this calendar next to their own, people can find training that takes place at an optimal time in accordance with their schedule.

This option is enabled at course catalog level from the Microsoft 365 Connection Settings. 


shared learning calendar


Course catalog page

Users can now filter courses by session instructor

With this release, we've introduced a new filter to the course catalog page that enables users to filter by one or more session instructors when looking at training options in the course catalog.

This enables users to retrieve an overview of courses with sessions that are led by a particular instructor.


filter by session instructor


The Course Session Instructors filter can be enabled and disabled in the Course catalog settings.



#1 We've introduced a separate menu item for Assessments in My Training Dashboard

To provide a separate and clear overview of learners to assess, we have introduced a new menu item in My Training Dashboard called Assessments. In this view, supervisors can find the list of the learners they need to assess.

The menu item will only be visible to users that are assigned as a supervisor of one or more assessments.


#2 New filters for the list of learners to assess

To enable supervisors to easily find relevant assessments in a potentially long list, we've introduced filters for supervisors to filter the overview of learners they need to assess. 

Two new filters, Learner and Training, now enable supervisors to filter the list by one or more specific learners or courses.


filter assessments


#3 You can now add the line manager role as a supervisor of assessments

We've introduced an option to add the line manager role as the supervisor of an assessment. This will ensure that each learner's line manager will be automatically tasked with evaluating their assessment. 

This can be helpful if learners of a course refer to different line managers and an assessment in the course needs to be reviewed by the learners' line manager. Also, if a learner's line manager changes, the new line manager will automatically become the supervisor of the assessment for the learner in question.


add line manager as supervisor


Line managers can review assessments from the Line Manager Dashboard.


#4 New option for supervisors to provide feedback regarding assessments

When supervisors evaluate assessments, they now have the option to provide feedback to the learner. 

This can be done either by adding a comment when approving the assessment or by emailing the learner from the assessment in question, for example, if they want to provide feedback to the learner on why the assessment can't be approved.


feedback on assessments


#5 Learners will now be notified when the status of their assessment has changed

We've introduced a new notification that will be sent to learners when the status of their assessment changes, for example, because it has been approved by the supervisor.

The notification will show the title of the assessment, its status, the name of the supervisor, the date and time the assessment status changed, and potentially, feedback provided by the supervisor.

This will keep learners informed of the progress of their assessments.


Contacts to receive LMS365 communication

You can now select people in your organization to receive LMS365 communication about specific topics

To be certain that important information about LMS365 always reaches the appropriate people in your organization, we've introduced the option to manage the people whom we will email regarding specific topics.

From the Organization Information tab of the Subscription Information page under Global Settings, you can now manage which contacts in your organization will receive email communications from us regarding, respectively, critical business information, critical technical information, and information relating to renewals and upgrades.

The contacts can be updated at any time if, for example, roles in your organization changes. 




UI updates

#1 The UI of the quiz question statistics is now aligned with the quiz builder

With this release, the UI of the quiz question statistics has been updated to be aligned with the new UI of the quiz builder.

The quiz question statistics will now be presented in the panel from where they're accessed without leading the admin to a new page in the LMS365 Admin Center. Also, the icons of the different question types will reflect the icons used in the quiz builder.


quiz statistics ui


#2 Adjustment to colors for statuses in LMS365

As part of a general UI update, the colors that are used to symbolize the progress of training and learning items like In progress, Not started, Locked, and Completed have been slightly adjusted.

In all places of the UI where the statuses are used, the colors of the respective statuses will be aligned. 


colors of training status


Please find full details of the LMS365 February 2023 release in the release notes.



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