April 2023 release highlights

Release date: April 3, 2023.

We're pleased to announce the April 2023 release of LMS365 that includes a brand-new audit logging feature, a boost to instructor-led training grouping, new course catalog filtering, updated Microsoft Viva integration control options and range of aesthetically pleasing UI updates. Read more about each of these exciting improvements below.


Highlights of this release:


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Audit trail

Brand-new feature to document system activity

With this release, we're excited to introduce Audit trail as a new feature in LMS365.

LMS365 Audit trail records actions performed by learners and admins in the LMS365 system, such as changes made to courses and course content and learner interactions with courses and training plans.

This enables system admins to track details of actions in the LMS365 system and the ownership of them, which can be especially useful in cases related to troubleshooting, regulatory compliance, or for further insights into learner transcripts.

For example, you might want to investigate a case where many users were unintentionally unenrolled from a course. The logged actions can show when this happened, and what action and user was connected with this event, making troubleshooting more seamless.

The new audit trail option can also provide data that is required for validation and compliance in relation to regulatory requirements, improving visibility for companies with high regulation and security needs.

The Audit trail option can be accessed from the Global Settings of LMS365 where admins can download logged activities by selecting a date range.

Read more about the Audit trail feature in this article and stay tuned for future releases because this feature will be further enhanced to capture more events and offer even better capabilities for audit logging.

Find more details about the Audit trail feature capabilities in the documentation.




Instructor-led training

#1 You can now connect sessions in an instructor-led course into groups

We're happy to introduce options to organize sessions in an instructor-led course.

When managing sessions, you can now choose to create a new group. Within this group, you can add a selection of sessions. These sessions will be bundled into one group and learners will be registered as participants in this group of sessions, rather than the individual sessions.


groups of sessions


On the course home page, learners will see the group of sessions listed.

From here, learners can open details about the individual sessions in the group and register for the sessions group.


groups of sessions on course home page


The new grouping option is particularly useful for courses that have repeating rows of programs that consist of multiple sessions.

For example, you might have a course for new hires where you want learners to attend a certain selection of sessions for the course that run consecutively in a certain period of time. So, people who join the program in March, should be registered for a selection of seven sessions that run in the course in spring, but not in the group of sessions that starts with a new cohort in June.

Grouping of sessions will help manage this flow, leading to less manual work for admins and more transparency for learners regarding how sessions are structured in a course.

Find more details in the documentation


#2 Changes to enrollment types 

As we introduce the option to enroll learners into groups of sessions, the enrollment types will change to reflect the new enrollment options.

The Enroll user into a single course session enrollment type will be renamed to Single group or standalone session. With this option, learners can be enrolled in either one of the available groups or one standalone session.

Enroll user into multiple course sessions will now be named Multiple groups or standalone sessions. If this enrollment type is selected, learners can be enrolled in multiple groups and standalone sessions of the course.

Enroll user into all course sessions will be changed to All groups and standalone session. This option will enroll learners in all groups and sessions of the course, once the learner is enrolled in the course.


Course catalog page

#1 More filtering options for the training view

More filtering options are here! Users now have more filter capabilities when it comes to courses and sessions because they can filter the view based on the location where the sessions of the course take place.

This filtering feature enables users to narrow down the selection of available courses shown, making the search for relevant and location-based courses easier and more streamlined. 

The Location filter is enabled in the Web part settings of the course catalog page.

In the Card view and List view, instructor-led courses will be shown based on where sessions of the course will be held. In the Calendar view, sessions triggered by the applied filters will be shown.


location filters


Speaking of the calendar view, users can now choose work week as an optional view. This will leave out the days of the calendar that aren’t business days in the relevant region.


calendar work week


#2 Added localization of calendar view

The Calendar view of the course catalog page will now reflect the region saved in the browser settings.

This means the calendar view will now be synced with your browser settings to make the date format, language of the days of the week, and more reflect the location, time zone, and local language in your calendar.


Microsoft Viva Learning integration

You can now determine what specific courses are shown to learners

This new option enables customers to customize their Viva Learning landscape further to suit workforce needs, as it’s now possible to control exactly which courses will be featured in your Microsoft Viva Learning environment.

At the individual course level, admins can now choose whether the course will be available and seen in Viva Learning. This takes the integration with Viva Learning even further and beyond the option of showing all or none of the LMS365 courses through Viva Learning.


show in Viva Learning


Admins can also now filter the list of courses to get an overview of which courses are or aren't featured in Viva Learning.


show in Viva Learning filter


This enables admins to better control the experience that their learners will have within the Viva Learning environment. For instance, admins can now prevent courses from appearing in Viva Learning if they don't want them to be found by all users.


UI updates

UI improvement of the Integration connectors panel

We've made aesthetic updates to the Integration connectors panel user interface. Admins can now see a new streamlined feel and flow of the panel, which is intended to improve the overall viewing experience.


Integration connectors panel UI updates


Redesigned view of learners’ quiz details

Another UI update featured in this release is the updated view of learner details regarding quiz attempts. Admins will notice a redesign of how learner details of quizzes and quiz question responses are shown.

This change was made to be better aligned with the new UI of the general quiz builder. The quiz view revamp also gives admins a clearer view of how learners responded to individual quiz questions.


quiz details UI updates


Find full details of the LMS365 April 2023 release in the release notes.

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