Document system activity with LMS365 Audit trail

In an LMS system, a multitude of events happen to deliver training to learners, ensure they undergo it, and get credit for it. To be on top of activities and ensure the trustworthiness and accuracy of learner transcripts, these events must be documented. 

Therefore, we're delighted to announce LMS365 Audit trail, which will be released with the April 2023 release of LMS365

This new feature will support our customers in tracking activities in the LMS365 system and ownership of them which can be especially useful in cases related to regulatory compliance, troubleshooting, or for further insights into learner records.


Support in achieving regulatory compliance

Depending on your industry and location, you likely have the obligation to track certain data regarding the activities in your learning platform. This guarantees the validity of the training records provided by the system. 

When learners undergo training for compliance purposes, it's, therefore, vital that the activity around the training is documented. This can, for example, be in cases where training is used to onboard employees into Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) to meet regulatory requirements for audits.

Data on activities like when the learner started and completed the course, what the content of the course was at the time the learner attended it, and how the course was completed validates that employees have successfully completed the training by undergoing the appropriate content.

By captioning a selection of events related to changes made to courses and learner interactions with courses and training plans, the LMS365 Audit trail feature provides further insights into learner transcripts and can support your organization in retrieving the data that is required to become compliant in relation to specific regulations.


Seamless troubleshooting

It's likely that your LMS system is managed by more than one person which means that it's not always evident what or who caused a certain event to occur.

It might be that you would like to investigate a case where, for example, many users were unintentionally unenrolled from a course. The audit log can show when this happened and what action and user was connected with the event.


Where to access logged activities

The Audit trail option can be accessed from the Global Settings of LMS365 where admins can download logged activities by selecting a date range.

Now, you have a record of activities that have happened in LMS365. With this, you have data to investigate events that have happened in your learner platform, validate learner transcripts, and to answer questions related to compliance requirements. 




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