Events recorded in the audit trail report


The Audit trail functionality can be used to record a range of actions performed by learners and admins in LMS365 (Learn365), including changes made to courses and course content, and learner interactions with courses and training plans. The audit trail report provides information about events that correspond to the relevant actions performed by learners and admins.

In this article, we provide information about which events are currently recorded by the LMS365 (Learn365) Audit Trail functionality.



Catalog events

CatalogCreated Course catalog was created.
CatalogDeleted Course catalog was deleted.
CatalogUpdated Course catalog was updated.
CatalogSharePointStorageCreated Course catalog SharePoint storage was created.


Course and training plan events

Event type Related actions
  • Learner completed course.
  • Learner completed training plan.
  • Course was created.
  • Training plan was created.
  • Course was deleted.
  • Training plan was deleted.
CourseForceCompleted Admin set course as completed.
  • Course was published.
  • Training plan was published.
  • Course was purged.
  • Training plan was purged.
  • Admin reset course status.
  • Admin reset training plan status.
  • Learner started course.
  • Learner started training plan.
  • Course was unpublished.
  • Training plan was unpublished.
  • Course properties were updated.
  • Training plan properties were updated.
  • Course was added to training plan.
  • Course was removed from training plan.
  • Training plan prerequisites were updated.
  • Course order was changed.


Session events

CourseSessionAddedToGroup Session was added to group.
CourseSessionCreated Session was created.
CourseSessionDeleted Session was deleted.
CourseSessionUpdated Session was updated.
CourseSessionRemovedFromGroup Session was removed from group.
GroupOfSessionsCreated Session group was created.
GroupOfSessionsDeleted Session group was deleted.
GroupOfSessionsUpdated Session group was updated.


Completion set events

Event type Related actions
CourseCompletionSetCreated Course completion set was created.
CourseCompletionSetDeleted Course completion set was deleted.
CourseCompletionSetUpdated Course completion set was updated.


Admin role events

Event type Related actions
CatalogAdminAssigned Catalog admin was assigned.
CatalogAdminUnassigned Catalog admin was unassigned.
CourseAdminAssigned Course admin was assigned.
CourseAdminUnassigned Course admin was unassigned.
LMSAdminAssigned LMS admin was assigned.
LMSAdminUnassigned LMS admin was unassigned.


Management role events

AssessmentSupervisorAssigned Assessment supervisor was assigned.
AssessmentSupervisorUnassigned Assessment supervisor was unassigned.
CourseSessionInstructorAssigned Instructor was added to session.
CourseSessionInstructorUnassigned Instructor was removed from session.


Skill events

EnrollmentImported External training record was imported.
UserSkillGranted Skill was granted to learner.
UserSkillRevoked Skill was revoked from learner.
  • Skill level was increased when granted.
  • Skill level was decreased when revoked. 


User status events

Event type Related actions
AttendanceDeleted Attendance for a session was deleted.
AttendanceRegistered Attendance for a session was registered.
CatalogVisitorAssigned User was added to catalog.
CatalogVisitorUnassigned User was removed from catalog.
EnrollmentRequestApproved Enrollment request was approved.
EnrollmentRequestCanceled Enrollment request was revoked.
EnrollmentRequestCreated Enrollment request was created.
EnrollmentRequestRejected Enrollment request was rejected.
  • Learner was enrolled in course.
  • Learner was enrolled in training plan.
  • Admin forced course retake for learner.
  • Admin forced training plan retake for learner.
UserPurged Learner records were purged.
UserPurgedFromCatalog Learner records were purged.
UserRegisteredForSession Learner was registered for session.
  • Learner retook course.
  • Learner retook training plan.
  • Learner was unenrolled from course.
  • Learner was unenrolled from training plan.
UserUnRegisteredFromSession Learner registration for session was canceled.


Certificate events

Event type Related actions
CertificateDownloaded Certificate was downloaded.

Certificate expired.

If the expiry date of a certificate was disabled in the course settings, the CertificateExpired event type isn't displayed in the audit logs.

CertificateIssued Certificate was issued.
CertificateReissued Certificate was reissued.


Course content events

Event type Related actions
AssessmentCreated Assessment was created.
AssessmentDeleted Assessment was deleted.
AssessmentUpdated Assessment was updated.
ContentPackageAddedToCourse Content package was added to course.
ContentPackageCreated Content packages was uploaded.
ContentPackageDeleted Content package was deleted.
ContentPackageRemovedFromCourse Content package was removed from course.
ContentPackageUpdated Content package properties were updated.
ContentPackageUploaded New version of content package was uploaded.
ExternalAppCreated External app was created.
ExternalAppDeleted External app was deleted.
ExternalAppUpdated External app was updated.
LearningModuleCreated Learning module was created.
LearningModuleDeleted Learning module was deleted.
LearningModuleUpdated Learning module was updated.
QuizAddedToCourse Quiz was added to course.
QuizCreated Quiz was created.
QuizDeleted Quiz was deleted.
QuizRemovedFromCourse Quiz was removed from course.
QuizUpdated Quiz was updated.


User progress events

Event type Related actions
AssessmentAttemptCompleted Assessment attempt was marked completed by a supervisor, course admin or catalog admin.
AssessmentAttemptDeleted Assessment attempt was deleted.
ContentPackageAttemptCompleted Learner concluded content package attempt.
ContentPackageAttemptCreated Learner started new content package attempt.
ContentPackageAttemptDeleted Admin deleted content package attempt.
ExternalAppAttemptCompleted Learner concluded external app attempt.
ExternalAppAttemptCreated Learner started new external app attempt.
ExternalAppAttemptDeleted External app attempt was deleted.
LearningModuleAttemptCompleted Learner concluded learning module attempt.
LearningModuleAttemptCompleted Learner started new learning module attempt.
LearningModuleAttemptDeleted Admin deleted learning module attempt.
QuizAttemptCompleted Learner concluded quiz attempt.
QuizAttemptCreated Learner started new quiz attempt.
QuizAttemptDeleted Admin deleted quiz attempt.


API key events

ApiKeyRevoked API key was revoked.
ApiKeyGenerated API key was generated.
ApiKeyUpdated API key was updated.



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