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Having multiple catalogs in LMS365 (Learn365) is an efficient method of dealing with learning materials for different purposes. There may be instances where specific courses need to be accessible across different course catalogs. For example, a comprehensive onboarding course might be found in one catalog, but given its relevance to the entire organization, you might choose to include it in additional catalogs.



The feature is available for customers with an Learn365 Professional and Select subscription. It isn't available to customers with an Learn365 Standard subscription.


Courses can only be copied across catalogs for which you're an admin.

If you simply want to duplicate a course within the same catalog, but with different parameters and attributes, it's possible to copy courses within the same catalog and copy training plans within the same catalog.

This article provides detailed information about how you can copy one or more courses across multiple catalogs.


Copy courses across catalogs process

Required role: catalog admin



Only e-learning and instructor-led training can be copied.

Although this option is available if you select training plans, it isn't possible to copy training plans across catalogs.

  • If you select this option with only training plans selected, it won't be possible to subsequently initiate the copy process.
  • If you select this option with training plans and other types of training selected, only the e-learning courses and instructor-led training will be copied.

In either case, a message informs you that Only courses can be copied across catalogs. Any selected training plans will be disregarded.


To copy existing courses across catalogs within the same tenant, follow these steps:

1. In the Learn365 Admin Center, go to Training Management > select the relevant e-learning courses or instructor-led training.

  • If you select a single item, the Course management panel opens.
  • If you select multiple items, the Actions panel opens.

2. On the opened panel, select Copy course across catalogs.


copy from course management panel

An example of the option displayed on the Course management panel when one course is selected.


actions panel copy courses across catalogs

An example of the option displayed on the Actions panel when multiple courses are selected.


The Copy course across catalogs panel opens, where you select the catalogs to which you want to copy the selected courses.

3. Click the Target catalog field to display all the catalogs for which you're an admin.

4. Select the relevant catalogs from the drop-down list. Alternatively, enter all or part of the relevant catalog names, then select them.


select target catalogs


5. Select Save to copy the selected courses to the relevant catalogs. As the courses are copied, you'll see a progress notification in the Notifications panel for each course being copied. When all the courses are copied, you'll see a completion notification.


copy success notifications


This process runs as a background task, so you can continue to use LMS365 (Learn365) while you're copying courses. Multiple copy course processes can be run at the same time. If you do this, courses will be added to a queue and processed in order.


Configure copied courses

There are a few things to consider when you copy courses across catalogs.

All quiz, assessment, and learning module content images associated with the course are copied from the current catalog, and stored in the SharePoint site of the target catalog, where they’ll be used in the copied course.

By default, all copied courses will be unpublished in the target catalogs. They'll have the same basic details, including the course name, and all the same content. You will need to provide a few details for the copied courses before they can be published.

For e-learning and instructor-led training:

  • Enrolled learners won't be copied. You'll have to enroll the relevant learners in the courses.
  • If the Forced retake option was enabled in the source training when copying courses across catalogs, the copied training will inherit this option and the number of days after completion field will be empty. Admins must manage the Forced retake option to publish the copied training.

For instructor-led training:

  • The Meeting URL field for sessions won't be copied. You'll have to set this it up in the target catalog before publishing the course.
  • If you want to copy session rooms that are part of Microsoft Entra ID (Azure Active Directory), you'll need to first turn on Enable Learn365 to send email notifications, book Rooms and create meeting invitations via Microsoft 365 Connection Settings on the Notifications page. If you don't complete this important step, only rooms outside of Microsoft Entra ID (Azure Active Directory) will be copied. For more information, see this article.


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