January 2024 release highlights

Our team is pleased to present you with highlights of the January 2024 release of the LMS365 platform.

Highlights of this release


Increased course and training plan scale

Higher course and training plan enrollment limits as well as per catalog course limits.

Due to SharePoint limitations, there've been constraints on the number of enrollments in courses and training plans as well as the number of courses and training plans allowed in a single course catalog.

With this release, we've significantly reduced the impact of these constraints.

To address the 5,000-enrollment limit per course or training plan, we've introduced automatic creation of new SharePoint groups when the limit is reached.

Moreover, additional SharePoint sites can now be seamlessly connected to an existing course catalog, expanding overall course and training plan capacity in each course catalog.

When the system approaches the course and training plan limit, the LMS admin will receive an email notification, prompting them to perform a simple action to create an additional site. The same notification will be displayed in the LMS365 Admin Center for general information to admins.

Once the new site is established, it contributes to the overall capacity, allowing the LMS365 course catalog to accommodate more courses and training plans.

The necessary permissions for the new site will be automatically granted to the relevant LMS365 roles.

These enhancements ensure a more flexible and scalable learning environment.


Skills framework updates

Learners can now view their skills based on the categories they're associated with

If you're granting learners with skills after completed training, it's likely that a diverse range of skills is attainable. A way to organize these skills is by linking them with categories.

To help learners get a clearer overview of the skills they've obtained, we've added filters to the Skills section of learner's personal training dashboard that enable learners to sort the skills based on the categories they're associated with.




Course enrollment by line manager

We've simplified employee enrollment across multiple courses

When bringing new team members on board and guiding them in acquiring new skills and assuming additional responsibilities, line managers can enhance the process by enrolling them in relevant courses.

In this release, we've refined this process by empowering line managers to enroll their direct reports in multiple courses right from their line manager dashboard.


enroll learners line manager.gif


AI-powered learning tools

Create complete quizzes in seconds from links or documents

With the December 2023 release, we introduced AI-powered course creation by enabling admins to employ AI for generating quiz questions.

Building on this functionality, from this release, admins will be able to create a complete quiz.
By providing content or a file, you can employ the built-in AI capabilities to create a complete quiz using multiple question types. You'll be able to validate and edit the quiz content before publishing.

This update makes it even faster to create and launch learning content.


create quiz ai.gif


Extension of the new content editor

The new content editor is now available in more areas of LMS365

As we've announced, the new content editor is continuously expanding to more parts of the product.

With this release, it will also serve as the editor for crafting question answers and feedback.

This enhancement enables you to employ, for example, images and unique styling when presenting learners with possible answers to questions and when providing feedback for the answers they've provided.  


questions editor.gif


Improvements to the LMS365 course player

We've applied navigation improvements to the course player

With this release, we're happy to introduce a series of small changes to the navigation within the course player to better support users as they progress through their learning.

The navigation changes include:

  • Moving the control buttons to the right in the course player's navigation bar.
  • Changing the labels 'Previous' and 'Next' to 'Previous item' and 'Next item'.
  • Adding an icon and a link to the Course status page that link to the first learning item of the course to enable learners to seamlessly review the content of a course. 


lms player.gif



External content publishing

You can now auto-publish content from external providers

When a course is imported into LMS365 it will be unpublished per default, meaning that you'll have to publish each imported course before it's available to learners.

A new setting in the Integration connectors panel will allow catalog admins to decide whether courses they import from the external providers, Go1 and LinkedIn Learning, will be automatically published when imported.

This will save time, especially when importing several courses at once.


publish courses.gif


Language additions

Now, Traditional Chinese is available across LMS365

Traditional Chinese has been available on the LMS365 mobile app, until now.

With this release, we're happy to announce that it will be supported across LMS365 wherever learners prefer to access the platform.


API improvements

Easily manage course or training plan notifications

We are making it easier to enable or disable notifications for one or several courses by introducing an API.

If the notification is enabled in the course catalog, you can now either disable or enable specific notifications for an individual course, training plan or a selection of courses and training plans via an API.


Find full details of the LMS365 January 2024 release in the release notes.

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