March 2024 release highlights

Our team is pleased to present you with highlights of the March 2024 release of the LMS365 platform.


Highlights of this release



Automated Microsoft Teams attendance retrieval

Speed up marking Microsoft Teams session attendance 

We're delighted to announce that this release will help reduce the effort of marking session attendance.


Marking session attendance


When a Microsoft Teams training session is created within LMS365, attendance will be automatically retrieved from Teams shortly after the session ends. Admins and instructors can select from this list to mark completion.

Attendance status will be calculated based on the time spent in the Teams session, even if a learner leaves and re-joins.  


Register Teams attendance


AI-powered learning tools

Get started faster with an AI-powered course creator

Our new AI-powered course creator will launch this release. The course creator will reduce the time and effort needed to create and publish courses.

In this first release, administrators will be able to automatically generate course titles, short and long descriptions as well as category suggestions. The AI course creator will use text from an uploaded file to auto-populate course details, which can be edited by administrators before adding learning content and publishing to the catalog. 


Create course with AI



During this initial phase, the AI-powered learning tools are released in preview and each customer will need to activate them in the Global settings of the LMS365 Admin Center.


This image shows how to enable AI-powered features


LMS365 reserves the right to discontinue this service for any reason. At present, LMS365 is offering all customers complimentary early access to its' AI features.

The future business model will be determined based on the insights and feedback gathered.


Unified reporting and insights

New Reports space in LMS365 for reports and new dashboards

With this release, we'll introduce a new Reports area within the LMS365 Admin Center. This space won't just centralize downloadable reports but will introduce three new dashboard views.

These dashboards will provide at-a-glance information to help catalog admins better understand the status and performance of their learning resources. 

#1 Overview dashboard: Presents the total number of courses in the catalog, along with enrollment and overdue counts. Charts will break down completion status for top courses. 


Overview dashboard


#2 Courses dashboard: Pulling from data across the catalog, the courses dashboard gives registration status overall, and breaks it down further by top courses. Learner details are also available right from the dashboard, including course, status and progress details. 


Courses dashboard


#3 Training plans dashboard: This goes beyond the snapshot, offering drill down options from the training plan to course level, so admins can see specific course progress within those plans. 


Training plans dashboard


Two new reports are also being made available in this release from Reports; a course information report and a session attendance report.

Over time, all existing and new reports will be available in Reports, and for now, existing reports will also be available in their current locations. 


Reports area


Find full details of the LMS365 March 2024 release in the release notes.


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