Generate the session attendance report


The Session Attendance report provides information about session attendance for one or more courses in the current catalog.


Generate the Session Attendance report

Required role: catalog admin, line manager.

1. Go to the Learn365 Admin Center > Reports. The Reports page opens.

2. Select Download reports > Session Attendance to generate the report.

When the report is generated, it will be downloaded to your device as an Excel file and will be available under Notifications (the bell icon). The report will display information in the language defined for the catalog via the Locale setting in the Learn365 Admin Center > Catalog settings > LMS Configuration > Regional settings. For more information, see this article.


Explanation of the Session Attendance report

Session attendance report output

Example of the Session Attendance report.


The Session Attendance report includes the following columns:

  • Catalog name. The name of the catalog.
  • Course title. The name of the course.
  • Session name. The name of the session, if this is available.
  • Attendee name. The learner's name.
  • Attendee email. The learner's email address.
  • Department. The name of the learner's department, if this is available.
  • Manager. The name of the learner's manager.
  • Attendance [%]. The learner's recorded attendance for the session, expressed as a percentage.
  • Modified by. The name of the user who last modified attendance.
  • Last modified. The date on which attendance was last modified (according to the regional settings of the current site). Select the cell to see the time it was last modified.
  • Time zone. Displays UTC+00:00, regardless of any other time zone settings.


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