Transact via Microsoft Azure Marketplace


Customers can now transact their subscriptions in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Both new and existing customers can purchase, expand, and renew directly with us via Microsoft.

Customers can view our offers in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.


Transact in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

To transact in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, customers will need:

  • The name and email address of the organization's Azure Marketplace admin.
  • Their Microsoft billing account ID. For customers with a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, the billing account ID is the same as the Enterprise Agreement (EA) number.
  • Agreement on the internal budget allocation and process.

For information on how to find your billing account ID and other important prechecks, see this Microsoft article.


Procure via public and private offers

There are two options for procurement: via public offers and private offers.

Using either of these options for procurement, the organization's Azure Marketplace admin must review, accept, and configure the offer.


Public offers

Public offers are the pricelist offers that are available to new customers. A public offer can be purchased at any time and without direct support from Zensai.


Private offers

Private offers are specific to our existing customers. A private offer must be coordinated directly with the Zensai Sales team.

For detailed information about private offers, and how to accept and purchase them, see this Microsoft article.



Invoicing for transactions on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace will be handled directly by Microsoft.


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