Users are requested to log in to the LMS365 SPFx web parts

In a certain case, users might be asked to provide their login details when they try to access the training home page, course catalog page, or My Training Dashboard. This happens when the user's organization hasn't configured the consent for its users. In this case, users are asked to accept the permissions just once, which will make the SharePoint web parts load for them with no additional actions required in future. 

However, the organization can make SharePoint web parts available for its users from their first visit. This article describes how the Microsoft 365 global admin can do this by granting admin consent for all users in the organization.

To provide users with the access to the SharePoint web parts of the LMS365 (Learn365) training home page, course catalog page, or My Training Dashboard:

1. In the Microsoft Entra (Azure Active Directory) admin center, go to Enterprise applications. The All applications page will open.




2. On the All applications page, find and select LMS365 API Client. The LMS365 API Client page will open.

3. On the left-side navigation menu, select Permissions.




4. On the opened page, the Microsoft 365 global admin can grant consent on behalf of all users in the tenant, meaning end users of the organization won't be required to consent when using the application.




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