Set up your SharePoint hub site and customize global navigation

Course catalogs created in LMS365 (Learn365) as team or communication sites are peer site collections and organizations may find it relevant to help their intranet users discover information in context by using hub sites. Hub sites help users find important content and resources, no matter where they are in SharePoint, by creating a shared experience for a group of associated sites and enabling and customizing global navigation.

This article provides relevant links to resources that explain what a SharePoint hub site is and how to set up hub sites and enable and customize global navigation in the SharePoint app for the organization's intranet resources, including the LMS365 (Learn365) solution.


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SharePoint hub site overview

SharePoint hub sites help you organize your intranet by connecting and organizing sites based on organizational attributes, such as project, department, division, region, etc. The key benefit provided by SharePoint hub sites is that they model relationships as links, rather than hierarchy or ownership, so that you are given room for flexibility and change.

Hub sites can be used in multiple cases: as a place to communicate important news, as a collaboration platform, as a way to showcase your corporate culture, as a home page with news from around the organization to keep employees informed, as a place to engage employees around important topics, etc. Once created, a well-planned SharePoint hub site can facilitate such functions.

Site collection admins can customize SharePoint hub sites to meet the organization's brand, goals, and security policies. See this article for more information.


Global navigation in the SharePoint app bar

The SharePoint app bar on the left-hand side of modern sites brings together intranet resources and personalized content, such as sites, news, files, and lists. 




If enabled, global navigation enables users to easily navigate to important intranet resources anywhere in SharePoint.

If the organization has set up global navigation, the first icon users see in the SharePoint app bar is the organization’s logo. 




The global navigation icon (the organization's logo) at the top of the SharePoint app bar displays the organization's logo, title, and intranet portals and resources configured according to the organization’s needs. See this article for more information.




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