Set the color theme for training pages

Courses and training plans are created as SharePoint pages placed at the root of the SharePoint course catalog site. Therefore, color theme changes made via the SharePoint settings on any page of a course catalog apply to all pages of all courses and training plans in this course catalog.

If you would like to set or change the color theme of courses and training plans, and therefore control the color of action buttons, links, and other similar settings, these settings have to be applied in SharePoint.

Required role: a SharePoint site owner or user with SharePoint design permissions on the site.


To change the color theme of a training page:

1. On the training home page, select Settings (the gear icon) at the top-right and Change the look. The Change the look panel opens.




2. On the Change the look panel, select Theme and choose the site color theme you want to apply.



3. Save your choice. To cancel the action, select Cancel. The selected color theme is applied to all pages of all courses and training plans in this course catalog.

To learn more about how to customize the look of your SharePoint site, visit Microsoft documentation

To get the most out of LMS365 (Learn365), we recommend using SharePoint default dark and light themes because we fully support their readability. If you employ customized themes, we don't guarantee readability. If you still want to customize themes, we recommend you try it first to ensure that the text on the page is readable.


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