How notification templates are affected by customizations

In this article, we'll provide you with an overview of the changes that can be introduced to LMS365 (Learn365) notification templates and the impacts of these changes. Notification templates can be updated in two ways: as part of LMS365 (Learn365) product releases and through customizations by your organization.


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Changes that can be introduced to the LMS365 (Learn365) notification templates

Required role: Catalog admin.

When customers edit notification template fields, this is called customization. Templates changed in this way are marked as Custom in the All Templates column on the Notifications page.

Find more information about how to customize notification templates in LMS365 (Learn365) in this article.




The text throughout LMS365 (Learn365) is translated into 30 supported languages (32 languages for the Learn365 mobile app). This process is called localization.

We're constantly enhancing the capabilities of LMS365 (Learn365) and introducing new features and options that interact with the existing functionality and content, such as notification text, tooltips, messages, etc. These changes are implemented during the production release updates.

This means that changes made to LMS365 (Learn365) notification templates can be classified as:

  • Customizations – when the fields are edited by the customer.
  • Localization – an automatic translation of the default template field values.
  • Updates – changes to field values as a result of an LMS365 (Learn365) release.


How customizations will affect notifications

Introducing customizations to a notification template will sometimes prevent the notification template from being updated as part of product updates and translations.

In the following table, you can see how notification template fields are affected by customizations when new product updates and translations are introduced.


Subject field

Message field

To and Cc fields

Frequency field



Field becomes customized (separately)

Field becomes customized (separately)

All these fields become customized when one field is, no matter which one was changed by the customer




Not localized if customized


Always localized




Not updated if customized


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