Access to video content via the Learn365 mobile app from iPhones

The Insert multimedia & other embed code section of the learning module editor enables you to include videos as embedded content in courses via learning modules.

Previously, all Learn365 mobile app users could engage with this video content directly in the mobile app. However, as a result of updates made by Apple to Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), Apple now blocks cookies for cross-site resources, therefore restricting the opening of third party embedded iFrame code (including videos) in apps. This means that although users who are using the Learn365 mobile app from an iPhone can continue to watch videos directly from the Learn365 mobile app, it won't be possible to do so if the video contains embedded iFrame code sourced from a third party application that requires additional authentication. 

To enable users to watch videos as part of a course taken from the Learn365 mobile app on an iPhone, an LMS admin or Microsoft 365 global admin should enable the Open Course in a Browser option in the Mobile Configuration settings—and make this setting the default for the organization. In this way, the video content will open separately, in an external browser window, for all users.

If this option remains disabled, users can try the following to access video content from the Learn365 mobile app:




If users still can't access video content, catalog or course admins may try to add the video using another video host provider and use the Embed code option in the learning module editor.


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