Issues with the connected email account: Refresh token has expired due to inactivity

LMS365 (Learn365) enables the use of notifications that are triggered by various actions and processes. For LMS365 (Learn365) to be able to send notifications, a connected email account needs to be configured.

The connected email account may be disconnected from the catalog if the token of the account has been inactive for 90 days.

This article describes the steps you can follow to check the status of your connected email account if the notification feature stops working.


In the event that the connection between your LMS365 (Learn365) application and the account used for sending LMS365 (Learn365) email notifications in your organization is lost, catalog admins receive a corresponding email. 



To configure the settings of the connected email account that has an expired token:

1. Navigate to the course catalog referenced in the email. In the last part of the email, the word "catalog" is a direct link to the Microsoft 365 Connection Settings of the course catalog in question.

2. Select Microsoft 365 Connection Settings and disconnect the email account.

An account with an expired token shows the following error message "The refresh token has expired due to inactivity. The token was issued on {issueDate} and was inactive for {time}.".

3. Reconnect the email account. For more information, visit the Connect an account for LMS365 (Learn365) to send email notifications, book rooms, and create Microsoft Teams meetings article.



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